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Camila Banus Takes on Gabi and Julie: A Face-Off Leads To A Health Crisis on Days of Our Lives (DOOL)

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Gabi’s complicated love life gets more, well, more complicated next on Days of Our Lives, when she learns what happened at Chad and Abigail’s vow renewal ceremony.

She then faces off with Julie over Eli.

First, Chad (Billy Flynn) fills her in on the outcome of his and Abigail’s ceremony. Namely, that Abigail (Marci Miller) stopped it, declaring that she deserves better than a man torn between two women.

Surprisingly, the announcement doesn’t sway Gabi or give her any newfound optimism.

Moving On
“There’s nothing that I’ve been playing that suggests that Gabi thinks there’s hope [for her and Chad],” explains Camila Banus (Gabi).

“She’s going to continue to be realistic, as far as, ‘You two are married. You’re husband and wife. I can’t come between that.’ Gabi knows that she has to move on, even though she feels something for Chad and would love to be with him. But he’s married, so that would never work out.”

Lucky for Gabi, she finds a perfect distraction and possible new suitor in Eli (Lamon Archey).

There’s just one problem: his grandmother Julie, who absolutely loathes Gabi and won’t forgive or forget that she murdered Nick.

No Love Lost
“Julie’s one of the very few people in town that does not like Gabi,” says Banus.

“I understand why – because Nick was her cousin – but no one cares except for Julie. It’s pretty unfortunate, but Julie just really, really does not like Gabi. And Julie makes it evidently clear, even if it means showing Eli a terrible side of her. But she doesn’t care. Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) has this really intense hatred for Gabi.”

Gabi learns the depths of Julie’s animosity and just how far she’ll go to keep her grandson away from her while out on a date with Eli. When Julie spies the couple together, she waits until she can get Gabi alone.

The Wrath of Julie
“Julie sees Eli and Gabi being very friendly toward each other and does not like that. So, of course, she approaches Gabi to have a conversation,” says Banus, noting that it quickly turns into a nasty confrontation culminating with “Julie having chest pains.”

But, is Julie really having a heart attack or just faking it? “Gabi quickly realizes that Julie isn’t really having these pains,” notes Banus. “She’s just putting on a show for Eli, so that he can feel bad for her. She’s diverting Eli’s attention to her.”

Keeping Mum
When Julie’s rushed to the hospital, Eli ends up upset with Gabi. After all, it was her spat with his grandmother…continue reading on the next page —>

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