Silly Days of our Lives Mistake: Should Chanel Dupree Rehire Talia?

Will Chanel rue the DAYS she made this decision?

talia hunter and chanel dupree on days of our lives.Does Talia Hunter deserve a second chance?

Chanel Dupree sure did a one-eighty on Days of our Lives, didn’t she? Last month, she was calling for Talia Hunter’s head on a platter, wanting her sent to prison for life. Now, she’s telling Paulina Carver how much she misses her former employee. Is Chanel about to offer Talia her old job back? Should she?

Days of our Lives: Private Eyes Are Watching You

Talia (Aketra Sevillian) should be OK – as long as she’s supervised, 27% of the audience shrugs. She is supposed to be a really great baker. And Chanel (Raven Bowens) really needs to get back all those customers who might be avoiding her place of business now that it’s known as Poison Central. She could use some muffins you can’t refuse. As long as Talia is never left alone with the batter.

Chanel Dupree: Believe In Second Chances?

If murderers and rapists and kidnappers can walk the streets of Salem, footloose and fancy-free, why shouldn’t a poisoner, 33% point out. And, yes, Talia was an accessory to murder and harassment, and wanton property destruction.

But she said she was sorry, OK? And she said she was completely brainwashed, OK? And then she made goo-goo eyes at Chanel. So forgive and forget. And admit that you don’t just want her as an employee, Chanel, OK?

DOOL: Bad Business

Chanel Dupree can do whatever she wants with Talia on the personal front. After all, the woman has demonstrated that she can be manipulated by anyone, so why shouldn’t Chanel give it a shot, now that Colin is on the run? But professionally?

No way, 40% of Days of our Lives voters dismiss. Do you want to save your business, Chanel? Maybe don’t rehire the woman who poisoned half the town and brought it to the edge of ruin in the first place. Do you think customers will cross your threshold if they see her behind the counter? Use your head, not other body parts!

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