In Debt: Should Talia Hunter Pay For Her Days of our Lives Crimes?

Who is really to blame for terrorizing Paulina Price on DAYS?

talia hunter pay for her days of our lives crimes.Should Talia Hunter pay?

Days of our Lives viewers barely had any time to wonder who had poisoned Salem’s biscuits, before we learned that it was Talia. We barely had any time to wonder why she was doing it, before we learned that she was in cahoots with the son of the woman Chanel killed. Now, we’re trying to wonder really, really quickly, if Talia will ever be forced to pay for her crimes.

Days of our Lives: The Innocence Project

How many times do we have to tell you, 4% are rolling their eyes: A woman in love is never responsible for her actions. She has no agency! It’s always the man who is completely at fault. What? She was supposed to say no? That is not something a woman could ever do!

DOOL: Victim’s Rights

And it stands to reason, 23% Days of our Lives fans add, that if she’s not responsible for anything she did, then Talia is as much of a victim as her, well, actual victims. Sure, some people were poisoned and might have died. And, sure, Paulina (Jackee Harry) almost had a heart attack from the stress and had Sloan arrested wrongly several times. Oh, and Talia is supposed to seduce and abandon Chanel (Raven Bowens). But she’s a victim too! Doing all of these things makes her sad! And sad is a legit defense in court!

Days of our Lives: Get Real, Talia Hunter

Give it up, Talia, 73% are also rolling their eyes, but for different reasons. Talia totally knows what she’s doing, and she totally knows that what she is doing is wrong. This isn’t some simple innocent. The woman is a doctor. And the daughter and sister of a cop. She knows how the world works, and she knows what’s a crime and what isn’t. She can make all kinds of excuses about standing by her man, but, in the end, she is doing it all of her own free will. And she needs to be punished accordingly.

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