Days of our Lives Sisterhood: Should Jada Hunter Be Investigating Talia?

Should Jada Hunter really be involved in this DAYS case?

talia in the background with jada hunter on days of our lives.Should Jada Hunter be on this case?

Despite her big-eyed innocent act, it’s becoming increasingly clear to even those who didn’t see the Days of our Lives flashback that Talia is hiding something about what happened the night Chanel’s bakery got its dough poisoned. Jada Hunter was the first one to twig on it. But considering their sisterly relationship, should she be the one investigating this crime?

No Days of our Lives Regrets

It’s obvious that Jada (Elia Cantu) should recuse herself from the investigation, but 21% of you are pretty sure she won’t. And that she’ll live to regret it. This is going to screw up her career much worse than any kisses with Rafe (Galen Gering) could. And it won’t even help Talia all that much, either.

Days of our Lives: Keep Away, Jada Hunter

So Abe (James Reynolds) put rules in place to keep members of his police department from dating, but he has nothing in place against investigating your own family members, 24% wonder cynically? We realize that Salem is a town of less than 30 people, so options for both cops and criminals are limited. Plus, he likely wants to reserve his own right to continue pulling strings to help out Paulina (Jackée Harry) and Chanel. But maybe he should consider a memo on the topic. Just for Jada.

DOOL: I Know You By Heart

But a majority 55% of you are looking at this from a different angle. Jada knows Talia best, so she is the best person to catch her in a lie…and get her to confess. Rafe didn’t even notice that anything was fishy about Talia’s story. Jada did. Rafe needs her on the team, not just to help him follow the clues, but to convince Talia to come clean when it really gets down to the wire.

The closer Jada is to the investigation, the easier it will be to blame all of Talia’s bad deeds on that awful, awful Colin. Her baby sister is only a med school graduate and a grown woman. How could she be expected to think for herself?

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