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From Bride to Survivor: Days of our Lives’ Jen Lilley Previews Brady and Theresa’s Wedding Day Nightmare


Weddings in Salem never go off without a hitch,” according to Days of Our Lives star, Jen Lilley, admitting that Brady and Theresa’s nuptials, which begin airing next week, follow suit big time.

Not All Fun and Games
But, think hitch to the 100th degree. As fate would have it, the big day coincides with the escape of a trio of Salem baddies — Clyde, Xander, and Orpheus. Expect the convicts to end up on a collision course with the bride, groom, and their wedding guests. And, when all is said and done, the big question is, “Will Theresa survive?” shares Lilley.

Before things unravel on Days of Our Lives, it’s all typical pre-wedding happiness and light. As Theresa prepares for her big day, she and Brady share “a sweet moment together.” Then, he’s shooed away.

“Nicole and Eve are like, ‘Okay, lover boy. You’ve got to get going. You’re going to be late, and Theresa’s got to get ready. Get out of here,’” recounts Lilley. “After Brady leaves, you see all the prep with the girls. It’s all fun.”

[relbar link=”http://soaphub.wpengine.com/days-of-our-lives/alison-sweeney-back-at-days-of-our-lives/” text=”Is Alison Sweeney Back at DAYS?”]Kassie DePaiva, who makes a return Days of Our Lives appearance as Eve, is a special guest at the nuptials. The two sisters share “a really tender scene,” reports Lilley.
“Theresa’s upset that her parents didn’t show up. Eve’s like, ‘Honey, it was so last moment. They couldn’t get a flight.’ And one of them, I think it’s Shane, is in bad health. So they can’t make it. Eve calms Theresa down. She tells her her family loves her, and she loves her.”
A Gorgeous Gown Mishap
In the interim, Theresa changes into her wedding gown. “I got to wear a very expensive designer dress,” notes Lilley. “What’s hilarious is we say Theresa designed it, which, of course, she didn’t.”
Lilley describes the gown as “really beautiful,” but admits it wasn’t perfect. “You couldn’t sit in it, not even to save your life. It’s mermaid style. So I just peed before I put the dress on. Then, I just held it and didn’t drink coffee, water, or anything.”

Theresa, however, does indulge in some soda, which causes the first hitch of the day. She spills it all over her gown.

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“It’s actually soda mixed with coffee, so the dress ends up super stained,” says Lilley, explaining that that’s what delays Theresa from heading to the Kiriakis mansion with Eve and Nicole. “She looks at the time, sends Eve and Nicole off, and asks them to take Tate with them. She’s like, ‘I’ll meet you there. It’s okay. I can fix this.’ After they leave, Theresa takes the dress off and cleans the stain.”

Her Past Comes Back To Haunt Her
Once her dress is once again right and white Theresa puts it back on and prepares to head out the door. That’s when she comes face-to-face with Xander (Paul Telfer). The guy has a major bone to pick with her. Namely, the fact that Theresa lied and had him sent to prison for assault and attempted rape.

“Basically, everything Theresa’s ever done wrong comes back to get her,” contends Lilley, adding that her character tries to run. “But because of the dress, it was hard to move. We tried to make it as easy on the comedy as possible, because, physically, it was kind of hilarious. I did run a little bit. I guess when your adrenaline is high enough, you can do incredible things.”

Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, things aren’t faring any better. Orpheus arrives, grabs hold of Eve, and trains a gun on the assembled wedding guests. “All of you need to die,” he announces, as Brady, Marlena, John, Paul, Nicole, Victor, and Maggie look on in horror.

[relbar link=”http://soaphub.wpengine.com/days-of-our-lives/days-lives-raise-baby-thomas/” text=”Who Should Raise Thomas on DAYS?”]Death appears to be Xander’s end game for Theresa, too. However, she does put up a fight, including “kicking Xander where it counts,” delivers Lilley with a chuckle. But Xander ultimately overpowers Theresa, wraps his hands around her neck, and begins to strangle her.
The scene evoked some nerves from Lilley. “I was like, ‘How do I make this look real and reassure Paul Telfer that I’d rather him accidentally bruise me than for it to look terrible?’” recounts Lilley. “Because I’m that actress. I don’t care about safety, but I really, really care if it looks stupid.”
How things turn out for Theresa, Brady, and all of their wedding guests will be revealed, next week. Lilley, for one, holds leading man Eric Martsolf (Brady) responsible for most of it.
“Brady’s never had a fiance or wife that’s lived other than Chloe,” points out Lilley. “All of his wives have died. All of his girlfriends have died. When you get paired with Eric Martsolf, basically, it’s a death sentence. Eric’s the best, but that’s something the fans are aware of. He’s the black widow…the black widower. And his last name is Black. The odds are stacked up against him.”

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