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Defending Her Life: Sami As Loving Mom….or Monster!?

Days of Our Lives Alison Sweeney and Chandler MasseyDays of Our Lives Alison Sweeney and Chandler Massey

Sami is the last person to just sit by and let life happen to her on Days of Our Lives (DOOL). But sometimes that proactive personality doesn’t serve her or those who love her well. Her recent plot to get Will’s memory back has proved to be one of those times. In spades.

One thing is for certain – Salem is never dull when Sami (Alison Sweeney) is around. This time, she was given a miracle – her beloved son Will (Chandler Massey) turned out to not be most sincerely dead – just his memory is a goner. And not remembering his mother is completely unacceptable–especially THIS mother.

Patience, patience, patience has been chanted by everyone around Sami. Have they just met her?!? Surely they know that’s not her strong suit. So Sami did what she’s always done as the proverbial bull in a china shop. This time she got her son’s “killer” to help try to jar his memories by… well… killing him again.

Of course Sami wasn’t going to let it go that far. She had a gun! She was ready! But how could a human being, let alone his own mother, stand by and watch Will get strangled again??

Sure she wasn’t going to let it get too far, she said. He was choking! Even Batty Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) couldn’t take any more!

Now when certifiably insane Ben tells you that YOU are too sick for even him, well, surely that had to tell Sami she went too far, right? Nope! Faced with Marlena, John, Lucas, and Will – Sami continued to stick up for what she did all in the name of wanting her son to get his life back.

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One by one, each got to have their say, shaming Sami and telling her that this was off the chart, even for her. Marlena (Deidre Hall) may have understood what Sami was trying to do, but that kind of therapy was supposed to be administered in a controlled setting by professionals – not professional bodyguards!

Despite being several sheets to the wind, even Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) was blown away by Sami’s insanity. Rather than take even a moment for self-reflection to consider the possibility they could be right, Sami continued to plow forward that she did what was needed unlike anyone else.

But in the end, it was Will who laid down the law. He screamed that if getting his memory back means he remembers her as his mother, he’d rather not get those memories back and added that he never wants to see her again. Just because she thought it was right, doesn’t make Sami’s actions any less monstrous to her son.

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Video Credit: Chandler Massey 'Fan Channel'

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