Familiar Days of our Lives Scene: Should Abe Be Mad at Paulina Lying Again?

Days of our Lives Paulina and AbeDays of our Lives Paulina and Abe

Abe Carver went ahead and finally tied the knot on Days of our Lives. Their last ceremony was derailed when the devil prompted Chanel Dupree DiMera to blurt out that bride Paulina Price wasn’t Lani Price Grant’s aunt – she was her mother. Which meant that groom Abe wasn’t Lani’s father.

Days of our Lives Polling

This time, there was no devil involved when Lani (Sal Stowers) blurted out that she was the one who pulled the trigger and killed her abusive biological dad, TR Coates (William Christian), not Paulina (Jackée Harry), who’d confessed to the crime.

But she did it after Abe (James Reynolds) and Paulina exchanged I Do’s. Should Abe be furious at his new wife for lying to him…again…or should he just accept this is what he signed up for? What almost 2,000 fans told us:

Common Cause

Abe will understand that Paulina did it to protect Lani, the daughter they both love, 88% of you insist. Anything is OK when it’s for your kids. Sure, Abe used to be a cop, and now he’s Salem’s mayor. But he understands that there are two kinds of rules, the ones for politicians’ loved ones… and the ones for the rest of the unwashed masses.

Days of our Lives: Enough Is Enough

Only 6% expect Abe to explode over the fact that Paulina has proven, once again, that she can’t trust him. Is this how you treat the man you’re supposed to love? Clearly, Paulina isn’t looking for a partnership. She just wants to do her own thing and expects everyone else to fall in line.

Quick Change

A tie of 6% on the other hand, is splitting the difference. Sure, Abe will get mad at Paulina. He’ll huff and he’ll puff. And then he’ll get over it. Just like he did the last time she lied. It’s kind of a pattern with them.

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