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Days of Our Lives Star Lucas Adams Talks Tripp’s Exoneration

Lucas Adams Days of Our LivesLucas Adams Days of Our Lives

After months of beat downs, people lashing out at him, and being accused of the most heinous of crimes, Tripp is finally about to be exonerated of raping Allie on Days of Our Lives.

Suffice it to say that no one is happier about the story turn than actor Lucas Adams’ mother. “From the beginning, she was just like, ‘But you didn’t do it, right?’” recounts the actor with a laugh.

Lucas Adams On The Truth Coming Out

Of course, Tripp is downright euphoric, too. “First off, it’s like the entire world being lifted off his shoulders. That’s a huge thing. Also, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is a huge part of Tripp’s world. She’s been like his mom for the past few years. So he’s happy to show her that he’s not this monster that she believed him to be.”

However, joy isn’t the only emotion Tripp is feeling when Steve (Stephen Nichols) tells him Charlie (Mike Manning) is in police custody, and Ava (Tamara Braun) reveals that her other son confirmed he attacked Allie (Lindsay Arnold). “Tripp is also very angry, because, this whole time the person who actually [raped Allie] has kept quiet,” explains Lucas Adams. “So he’s mad. He’s relieved but very angry at the same time.”

Surprise Twist

Adams didn’t see the plot turn coming. “I was curious and had a couple of ideas… a few theories,” he says. “So I was playing my own Patch and being a private eye [behind the scenes].”

Then Adams learned the truth: Tripp had a never-before-mentioned half-brother who assaulted Allie, which explains why Tripp’s DNA was a match with her baby son Henry. “That was surprising,” admits Adams. “I was shocked and excited to see how it would play out. I knew that was going to shake a lot of things up right away.

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Clearing His Name

“It’s been really nice because of the scenes we’ve gotten to do as the storyline [has unfolded],” Adams continues. “That’s been really fun. It’s something that Tripp has been really wanting to out to everybody in Salem. He’s wanted to show them and prove to them that, ‘Look, this could never have been me. Y’all should have known better.’”

After conversations with Steve and Ava, Tripp decides to head to Charlie’s apartment to have it out with his newfound brother. “Those scenes were a lot of fun to film… We really got to let loose and go after each other,” shares Adams about his face-to-face confrontation with Manning. “Tripp’s angry with Charlie because he let him take the wrap for this the whole time. That’s something that Tripp is extremely upset about.”

Tripp wants Charlie to ‘fess up “and clear his name.” However, he might not find his brother so eager to do the right thing. At least not right away.

Future Perfect on Days of Our Lives?

Yet, with the facts out there, Tripp’s future is looking a lot brighter and the character might finally be headed down a positive path. “It’s Salem, so it can’t be too positive a path,” chuckles Adams.

“I really think Tripp is going to try to leave this whole thing behind him, focus back on where he was, and try to bridge the relationships back with the people he kind of lost over the last few months. He’s going to try and reconcile with a lot of people, tell them, ‘Hey, it’s cool. I want to be back in everyone’s lives, back in everyone’s families.” Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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