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Days of our Lives Recap, Monday, June 10: A Fire, An Arrest, and A Proposal

Days of Our Lives RecapDays of Our Lives Recap

The Days of our Lives recap for Monday, June 10 features several twists and turns for your favorite Salemites. Lani had a meltdown, Eve got Ben right where she wanted him, and Will brought light to a terrible situation.

Marry Me
Sonny (Freddie Smith) begged, threatened, and even tried to blackmail Eve (Kassie DePaiva) into giving him the diary but his efforts were for not. She did not have it to give. However, after he left she did call Xander and demanded he returns the journal.

Over at the hospital, Will (Chander Massey) asked Marlena to call his dad and gather the rest of the family. He is dying and does not have much time.

Once alone, Will took Sonny in his arms and proposed. If he is dying he wants to die married to the man he loves. Of course, Sonny said yes.

Lani Let Go
Meanwhile, Lani (Sal Stowers) got a rude awakening when she tried to kiss Rafe (Galen Gearing). He pulled away and put her in her place. Yes, they’re both single but that’s the way they are going to stay. There is nothing between them and never will be.

He also helped Lani realize what was really going on. She is much too close to David and using him to alleviate her grief. She decided to do the right thing and kissed the baby boy goodbye.

A Near Deadly Blaze
The drama unfolded on Smith Island as the Horton cabin went up in flames. Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) was first on the scene. He found Claire’s lighter while trying to fight the flames.

Haley (Thia Megia) also suffered a terrible accident. She fell into a table, bumped her head, and was knocked unconscious. Tripp collapsed trying to save her.

Bad Timing
Eli (Lamon Archey) got the lowdown on Ben from Rory and made his way to the cabin too. He found Ben with the lighter in hand and arrested him and then set to saving Haley and Tripp.

Ben realized the extent of his bad timing when Eve got her hands on him at the station. He tried to explain the lighter was Claire’s and she set the blaze but Eve was not having it. (Although she knew he was telling the truth.)

A Game Of Manipulation
Meanwhile, Claire was trying to work over Ciara. She hinted Ben was a dangerous man and she suspected he was slipping back into his old ways.

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