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Days Of Our Lives Poll Results: Which Character Needs a Front Burner Story?

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Now that Days Of Our Lives has jumped a year forward in time, everything is fair game, and anything can happen. Sure, some characters are already in the middle of a story, with fans wondering how they got to this place. But others seem to be floating aimlessly in space. Which one of your favorites needs a front-burner story, ASAP? How over 8,000 fans voted:

Stop Playing It Safe, Rafe

What has Rafe (Galen Gering) been up to for the last year, 41% wonder? Besides babysitting David, that is? (How did he get custody, anyway? Yes, Uncle Ben is in prison for killing Mama, so not exactly prime guardian material, but did Jordan have a will naming Rafe as David’s long-term caregiver?) Anyway, playing Daddy does not a storyline make. Viewers are clamoring for more!

When In Roman

You know what else isn’t a storyline, 30% of Days of Our Lives fans say? That would be Roman (Josh Taylor,) who hands over take-out food while nodding thoughtfully over other people’s problems.

Was John (Drake Hogysten) trying to rub it into Roman (Josh Taylor) face about how happy John is with his wife… also the love of Roman’s life? How about finding Roman a new one? Or even a date?

What do you think? Post a comment!

Kate Is Great

A smaller 13% points out that Kate (Lauren Koslow) isn’t doing much these days, either. She and Roman have a past. Why not give them a future, too? They can work together helping get their mutual grandson, Will (Chandler Massey), out of prison, and one thing can lead to another and… story!

Abe In the Nabe

Abe (James Reynolds) is Mayor again. Whoo-hoo! And so what? He’s either fretting over Lani (Sal Stowers) in the convent or… no, that’s about it. Talk about another virile, sexy bachelor going to waste! He should be double-dating with Roman. He’s not the one in a convent. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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