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Days of our Lives Clarifies The Past: Why Maggie Had To Be Redeemed


A surprise twist last year saw Maggie go from convicted murderer to duped “fall girl” on Days of our Lives. It’s a move that had to be made because the daytime do-gooder had to be redeemed.

Days of our Lives Fixes Maggie Horton Kiriakis

For what has seemed like months, Maggie dealt with unspeakable guilt and anguish, believing she’d caused the car crash that claimed the life of her good friend Adrienne Kiriakis. It was then compounded when she learned that her granddaughter had perished too.

Things came to a horrific head when she attempted suicide. Fortunately, Maggie was saved by Xander (Paul Telfer) and, subsequently learned she hadn’t been driving drunk, nor had she caused the accident. She’d been set up by Orpheus (George DelHoyo) and his son, Evan (Brock Kelly), and would soon be exonerated.

Moral Order Restored

The storyline move meant moral order could finally be restored in Salem. For decades, Maggie had been a paragon of virtue, decency, and all things good. She was the person with unimpeachable moral and ethical values and an example for all to follow. Every soap needs that character, who personifies what everyone should aspire to. And thankfully, that Maggie was returned to the grateful audience.

Maggie — Salem’s Conscience

Maggie has also been the conscience of the soap for decades. She keeps people accountable and calls them out on their misdeeds. She’s the one who gets in Victor’s (John Aniston) face, chastises him, and makes him see the error of his oft time questionable actions. She reprimands Xander when he does wrong and challenges him to be a better man. Without Maggie, the town’s people would run amok totally unchecked. And frankly, that’s exactly what’s happened recently with her off the canvas.

Take My Advice

Making Maggie a murderer also would have forever tarnished her role and image as the town’s trusted advice giver. Who would Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) turn to the next time he’s tempted to fall off the wagon or take a walk on the dark side?

Maggie’s long been the person people seek out in times of trouble – the one who offers compassion and counsel, along with a cup of tea and some lemon bars. That Maggie is absolutely needed in Salem. And, thankfully, she will be seen again soon.

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