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Days of our Lives’ Brandon Beemer On The Last Blast Moment He Had To See Twice

Shawn, Belle, Philip, Chloe, and the rest of the gang are back together in the Days of our Lives DOOL App series Last Blast Reunion. And the show is even causing one of its stars to take a second look at flashbacks used in the series!

Soap Hub chatted with Brandon Beemer about his return to the role of Shawn and which scene caught his eye!

Catching Up With Brandon Beemer

Soap Hub: What were your thoughts when you heard about the Last Blast Reunion for the DOOL App?
I thought it was a great idea. There’s definitely an audience out there that wants to see all this stuff. There are a lot of actors who were on the show, and their characters can be revisited.

How would you describe Shawn and Belle’s current relationship?
They’re good, as far as I know. Divorce papers were served and all that. They still love each other but they’re not in a rush to get re-married.

The teaser video shows that there’s some tension between Shawn and Philip (Jay Johnson).
There always will be! It doesn’t ever fully go away. Philip is Shawn’s uncle, so he’s family, but there’s a competitive aspect to their relationship. Philip was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth and Shawn wasn’t. Philip always seems to get in Shawn’s way. He’s very competitive. Shawn is, too. There’s tension, but at the end of the day, they are family. They do their best to get along with the circumstances they’ve been dealt.

The flashbacks are really good. We see Mimi as a teen (Farah Fath), and then, as an adult (Teressa Liane). It looks as if it could be the same person at different ages!
That was really good. I rewound it twice. I thought, ‘Wait did they go back and find actual old footage of her [in something] and edit it in?’ That was a really good match.

You and Jay look like you’ve aged about six months since the flashbacks!
[Laughs] Thank you! That was from 2007, I think. It was fun to see that. We have so many fun scenes of working together, times when our characters beat each other up. We fought at the Brady Pub in a choreographed scene. It’s nostalgic for us, as well. Jay was a great addition [to Last Blast Reunion]. His return was a surprise since he hadn’t been on the show in a while. Philip’s a fan-favorite character.

Did you have any questions about continuity over the years?
When I first started, I got this huge binder from the show that included everything that Shawn had ever done and detailed his relationships. Plus, if I ever have any questions, I’ll ask Nadia [Bjorlin, Chloe]. She’s an OG.

The Last Blast Reunion can be seen on the DOOL App. If you don’t have it, you can download it by clicking here. Days of our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check local listings for air times.

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