Why The Addition of Wendy Shin To Days of our Lives Is A Great Move

This addition is just what the younger set in Salem has needed.

Li Shin General Hospital

From the moment she knocked on the DiMera mansion door, Wendy Shin got ours and Johnny DiMera’s attention — and she is just what was needed right now in Salem, so we couldn’t be happier.

Wendy Shin — A Breath of Fresh Air

The addition of Victoria Grace as Wendy, Li Shin’s (Remington Hoffman) younger and smarter sister, has kicked things up a notch for the younger set in Salem — yes, even more than a threesome could. That’s because rather than simple shock value in a medium about love and relationships, Wendy has staying power as she seeks to carve out her nitch in her family dynasty.

And unlike most of the folks in her age group, she’s not all about finding a man. She’s an IT specialist, smart as a whip, and intent on getting what’s hers, and that’s super refreshing, as is the fact that she sees through people, especially Johnny (Carson Boatman), but she’s also able to see the big picture and quickly figures out that she shouldn’t cut off her nose to spite her face.

Sure, Johnny is a player, but he could also be a means to her brother’s end. His pitch, while revolting to her perhaps in some ways, still held merit, and she knew working together could prove to be a smart move in order for her to get what she wants — out of Alaska and full-time to Salem.

But of course, romance is still front and center on any soap, and thank goodness Wendy has one other attribute that so many young ones in Salem do not — she isn’t related to anyone but her brother, Li! How awesome is that? Plus, it’s always nice to see a more diverse population in Salem to give it a more authentic feel.

This was a smart move after the actress wowed fans during her appearance in the second installment of Beyond Salem. With her two suitors from that fun ride returning to town, Tripp Johnson (Lucas Adams) and Joey Johnson (Tanner Stine), now the fun will really begin, and we can’t wait.

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