Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Stephen Nichols

The fearless Days of our Lives actor laid it all on the line with his raw performance of man suffering a great loss.

stephen nichols as steve johnson gets days of our lives performer of the weekStephen Nichols as Steve Johnson

Over the years DAYS’ Stephen Nichols has matured his alter-ego from rough and tumble rough to an appreciated rascal, from a loner to a lover, from a fighter to a family man, and now, from a husband to a widower.

Stephen Nichols — Performer of the Week

As Steve “Patch” Johnson administered tender love and care to his ailing missus, it was more than evident that co-stars Nichols and Mary Beth Evans have lost none of their ethereal chemistry. Watching those two, you’d almost swear that they were a real couple. The concern that Nicholas displayed as Steve was almost palpable, strangely contagious.

When Steve begged Kayla to, “Keep the faith,” there were no doubt audience members out in the real world doing just that — and praising Steve for his optimistic outlook in the face of uncertainty.

But why wouldn’t Steve be optimistic? As he himself reminded Kayla, “How many times have we overcome obstacles that we didn’t think were possible to overcome? All these years, how did we do that? Huh? I’ll tell you how. Our love. Do I need to remind you of the power of our love?” No, no, he didn’t.

But love doesn’t exactly heal all wounds. And it most decidedly does not stop Kayla from eventually breathing her last breath…with Steve by her side. What followed proved to be Stephen Nichols’s finest moments of the week.

First, there was Steve’s solitary survey of Kayla’s office. Then the momentary delight that maybe, just maybe, the figure standing before him in the shadowy doorway was his wife come back to him — alas, it was merely Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu) come to offer her condolences. And though Nichols shined in subsequent scenes opposite Cantu and James Reynolds [Abe Carver], his best scene was the one in which he finally allowed the damn to break and let loose a torrent of tears. The catalyst: discovering a pressed yellow rose amongst Kayla’s belongings. It’s always the little things.

Honorable Mention: Mary Beth Evans

Nichols’s co-star more than earned this distinction for Kayla’s pitiful, gut-punching wail that she needs, needed to speak to her children before her time came.

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