Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For DAYS: Deidre Hall

The veteran actress knows how to move an audience to tears.

images of actress deidre hall in character as marlena evans blackDeidre Hall as Marlena Evans Black

This wasn’t the first time that DAYS’ Marlena Evans Black seemingly breathed her last, nor is it very likely to be the last. Still, Deidre Hall made the most of the juicy material — as if there was ever any doubt that she would.

Deidre Hall — Performer of the Week

Hall bookended her week playacting dead. The first time that Marlena flatlined, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) was on hand to shock her back from the brink. The second time…well, the jury’s still out. Either way, the actress got to tackle some mighty meaty scenes.

Still half out of it after her miracle rescue, Marlena could only smile when hubby John (Drake Hogestyn) worked overtime to assure that she was going to be just fine from here on in — but it was clear that it was a false smile; one meant to assure John rather than reflect what Marlena truly felt.

And while John continued to offer platitudes and promises, it was obvious that Marlena knew the score. Still, who was she to deprive her beloved of all that optimism?

In spite of Marlena’s steep decline and the decided lack of greasepaint, Hall practically radiated when co-star Martha Madison [Belle Brady] entered the fray — and who didn’t get just the least bit choked up when, in answer to Belle’s wondering how she knew who it was coming in without even opening her eyes, Marlena declared, “Because I’m your mom”?

The mother/daughter reunion was nothing if not perfection. From the attempts to avoid the elephant in the room that is Marlena’s fight for her life to a teary-eyed Madison eventually curling up beside Hall, it hit all the right notes.

But where Deidre Hall shone brightest was in her farewell — probably just for right now — interaction with Hogestyn. The chemistry between the two is a special kind of palpable, and those Marlena and John scenes — which saw the two on the hospital roof taking in a makeshift matinee of memories — were rife with emotion.

“I love that one,” Marlena began in reference to a particular snapshot of the two of them before Hall became obviously overwhelmed in the moment. Recovering so smoothly she added, “It’s the love in your eyes.”

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