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Chemistry 101: Do Eli and Lani Have It In Spades On Days of Our Lives?

Eli and Lani Days of Our LivesEli and Lani Days of Our Lives

As the 4th of July fireworks crackled overhead, Eli got down on one knee and proposed marriage to Lani who happily accepted on Days of Our Lives. It was a long time coming in this couple’s relationship though it may have been a little soon seeing as they had JUST gotten back together after a messy breakup.

Soap Hub wants to know what you think about Eli and Lani. Do you think that marriage is a good idea? Was the proposal to soon? And most importantly, do you even LIKE them as a couple? Here’s how 6,000 of you responded:

Get Them To The Church
The overwhelming majority gave this couple an enthusiastic yes! In total, 92% of you say that you love these two characters together as romantic partners. And in fact your even more excited for a big splashy wedding to follow that fireworks-laden proposal.

The consensus is that you are excited to see this couple’s union uniting two of the shows most important families: the Horton’s and the Carvers. And you’re extremely happy that the gloomy period where Lani and Eli were apart has ended.

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You’re also glad to see Lani in a much healthier emotional state following her baby David breakthrough. And you have high praise to give Eli for understanding where Lani was coming from and being able to forgive her for pushing him away.

Still, there were 7% of you who said you just weren’t feeling Lani and Eli as a couple. For some of you the chemistry simply isn’t there. For others, you think the two are perfectly passible as a duo but you know that they will never be able to compete with the super couples of old like Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, or Dough and Julie. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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