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Ben And Abby Together Again In The Burning Bed House… Bring It On, Days of Our Lives

Ben and Abby Days of Our LivesBen and Abby Days of Our Lives

There’s been something missing from Abigail Deveraux on Days of Our Lives for the last two years and that’s been — fire. And, we mean that in both the literal and figurative sense.

Marci Miller’s portrayal of Abby was all her own and showed what a phenomenal actress she is, but she was playing Abby soon after her first mental breakdown, offering us a more timid interpretation of the character.

As Abby’s life spun out of control thanks to Gabi gaslighting, that fire seemed to slowly return and was on full display during Miller’s last day in the role when she went after Gabi with all her might.

That sent her into solitary confinement in Bayview, and when we saw Abby again, a new-old Abby emerged.

This Abby was and is totally sane… and she is angry. Then again, who can blame her?

She joyously gave birth to her daughter, got a chance to give her a name, and moments later she was ripped from her arms thanks to Chad having absolutely no faith in the woman he’s supposed to love. How pissed would you be?

Well, Abby is pissed enough to be Abby again, and she’s ready to manipulate her way to freedom. As she poses as Gabigail to get Stefan to let her out of Bayview, she has no idea who she’s coming home to.

It won’t just be Stefan, the husband she does not want; she will also be living with Ben Weston, the husband that almost was.

Now, the last time THIS version of Abigail was with Ben in that house, she set the man on fire. But turnabout was fair play at that point. After all, Ben had set Abby and Chad on fire in the bed of that cabin; that infamous cabin of fires.

It’s almost as if these two have come full circle. Both have had mental breaks (Abby even had two), but they are perfectly sane this time around. Something tells us Ben is going to figure that one out very early on…and we are ready for this match up during Kate Mansi’s brief and beautiful return.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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Video Credit: Livi Hope

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