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Former Star’s Disturbing Rant Against Soap gets Stunning Response!

Jonathon McClendonJonathon McClendon

As public figures make it more common in today’s social media world to tweet their every thought–whether appropriate or not–we’ve become accustomed to being shocked, and expect more shock to come.

On Tuesday night, an actor who seemed to have a blossoming career, took a lesson from other public figures who seem to pay no price no matter what they say and let his feelings out for all his followers to see.

Former Days of Our Lives actor Jonathon McClendon seemed to have a massive Twitter meltdown against the hand–or should we say show–that fed him.

You can read his entire tirade here.

The actor was let go earlier this year, as DAYS wrote his character Chase into a corner when it turned him into Ciara’s young rapist. McClendon was the first casualty in the teen scene introduced in the fall of 2015, and seems to feel resentment for it, but we can’t confirm what he’s really feeling.

Perhaps he is just young and too new to the business to know that actors often lose jobs at the end of their contract cycle, and if recurring, the gig can end at any moment.

That’s life and although it never feels good to lose a job, sometimes we need to keep our feelings inside or just share them with those close to us. It can hurt us in the future, although sometimes it does feel like we’re in a world where anything goes.

When it comes to soaps, we have to understand we’re talking about an industry teetering on the edge.

When there were 13 soaps to cover when this writer first started reporting on them, there are now three, and rumors of DAYS’ cancellation are out there as its contract with Sony comes up for renewal.

We respect soaps and hope the actors on them can respect them as well, at least in a highly public forum.

Either way, fans were taken aback by Tuesday’s angry tweets and have a few responses for McClendon.

Here’s a sampling below.

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