Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

B&B Spoilers Speculation: Bill, Sheila, And Deacon Love Triangle

Will Bill, Sheila, and Deacon be an explosive B&B situation?

bold and the beautiful collage of bill hugging sheila and deacon and sheila about to kissBill, Sheila, and Deacon love triangle.

Ever since Bill Spencer fetched Sheila from Finn and Steffy’s beach house, B&B spoilers show he’s been absolutely devoted to the murderous psychopath, leaving fans of The Bold and the Beautiful confused, furious, and wondering if he’s been drugged, hypnotized, or gone off the deep end.

A Bold and the Beautiful Triangle

But, perhaps, there’s a reason behind the madness. Perhaps the shocking pairing is simply step one as the soap gears up for an explosive new trio. Think about the implications and repercussions of a Bill (Don Diamont), Sheila (Kimberlin Brown), and Deacon (Sean Kanan) triangle.

B&B Spoilers: Getting to Know You

Sheila and Deacon forged a strong bond when she was hiding out at his apartment at Il Giardino’s. What started out as a hot night of passion evolved into a deep friendship with intense feelings, and those kinds of feelings don’t disappear. Deacon became truly smitten with Sheila, and she, in turn, appeared to genuinely care about him.

Secret Bold and the Beautiful Lovers

Now that Sheila’s a free woman, there’s nothing stopping her from seeking out secret alone time with Deacon, especially if she can convince him she only made this “deal” with Bill to stay out of prison. The chemistry between Sheila and Deacon has always been red hot. Having them sneaking around and embarking on a clandestine affair would only intensify things between them.

B&B Spoilers: Enter Bill

Plus, think about the repercussions if and when Bill found out about the tryst. He’s given up everything for Sheila; alienated his friends and family. He expects loyalty and devotion in return. A fling with anyone would be a betrayal, but especially one with Deacon. Bill has long loathed the guy and considers him a lowlife loser. Learning Sheila and Deacon were hitting the sheets behind his back would certainly push Bill over the edge and provoke him into a volatile rage the likes of which B&B fans have never seen before. And, in the end, it could be the most explosive triangle the soap has ever had.

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