Deacon Sharpe’s Ultimate Betrayal Breaks Sheila’s Heart…Literally

The B&B recap for Thursday, March 30, 2023: Turns out she could only rely on she, herself, and her in the end.

the bold and the beautiful recap for thursday, march 30, 2023, deacon sharpe and sheilaDeacon Sharpe and Sheila

On today’s The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Deacon Sharpe proved to be Sheila’s undoing.

Bold and the Beautiful Recap Highlights

In addition, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Finn (Tanner Novlan) discussed their concern about his murder-minded birth mother. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Deacon Sharpe Is Ridge And Bill’s Ace In The Hole

An incredulous Deacon (Sean Kanan) couldn’t believe his ears. Was Sheila (Kimberline Brown) really proposing that he abscond with her? Yes, she was. And she had a plan — of sorts.

They’d ditch Bill’s (Don Diamont) car, acquire some fake I.D.s (easy peasy in a place like L.A.), and head north. Deacon blanched, but Sheila persisted. “You don’t want to lose me from your life, do you?” she cooed/questioned, adding, “Not with the connection that we have.”

Still, Deacon resisted. He even reminded her that just a few hours prior she’d been gushing about her future with Bill and showing off “that rock.”

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Sheila blurted out it was all a con. Bill had merely been using her. “I always felt it was too good to be true, and it was. That bastard was playing me this whole time.” Sheila swore that she’d honestly never, ever felt for Bill the way she feels for Deacon — he’d just been a means to get and keep her freedom.

Deacon tried suggesting that Sheila turn herself in, and earn some brownie points with the Boys in Blue. Sheila turned a deaf ear. All she was interested in hearing was Deacon agreeing to leave with her — and he did…or so it seemed.

The pair made it downstairs to the restaurant’s pergola before Deacon pumped the brakes and made one further plea for Sheila to surrender. Sheila refused. Deacon expressed genuine remorse at that and tightly gripped her hand.

Seconds later, Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Bill, Baker (Dan Marti), and a few uniformed officers stormed the premises looking pleased as punch. Bill and Ridge thanked Deacon for his services — he’d kept Sheila on site long enough for them to arrive — and Baker preened that he’d finally get to close the long-opened Lance Day case. He also delighted in uttering the words, “Sheila Carter, you’re under arrest.”

Sheila turned to Deacon and assured him that “it’s okay.” She’ll always remember what he did for her, taking her in, loving her, all of it. Then she took flight!

Sheila exited out the back, winding up in the same alley where she’d pumped Finn and Steffy full of bullets — and she was looking worse for wear. Maybe it was the injuries sustained in the fall finally catching up with her, maybe it was the heart everyone claims she doesn’t have seizing up on her.

Either way, after a threat filled face-to-face with Bill, she collapsed in a heap. He did not seem all that concerned.

B&B Recap: Easier Said Than Done

At the hospital, Steffy surprised Finn with her presence and some sugar — of the kissing variety, not the sweet white stuff. Finn was most appreciative. Afterward, Steffy bid her husband a night full of “good surprises” and “not a single bad one.”

“Like a visit from a certain biological parent, you mean?” quipped the Doc. He’s pretty sure that he’s successfully conveyed how unwelcome Sheila is in his life. But Steffy’s not so sure. Not with Bill championing the villainess. Finn dug his heels in and vowed that he was going to keep Steffy and their brood safe and sound.

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