Who On B&B Needs To Have A Showdown With Sheila Carter the Most?

Sheila Carter can handle anyone on B&B.

shelia carter will be ready for a showdown with all on bold and the beautiful.Sheila Carter will take on any takers on B&B.

Sheila Carter escaping the long arm of the law once again is bad news for the characters on The Bold and the Beautiful. However, it’s great news for folks who love Sheila facing off against her detractors. And she has many of those these days.

Sheila Carter: B&B Showdowns

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) celebrated her release from jail with one of her few friends on the canvas — Deacon (Sean Kanan). However, almost everyone else on the show is going to want to have a few terse words with the attempted murderess. Whose showdown with Sheila are you most excited to see?

Dollar Bill Wants Payback

Only a few of you, about 8%, want to see Bill (Don Diamont) confront Sheila. If this does happen, it’s going to be painful. Sheila will snarl and taunt Bill about how he blew it by trying to trick her into a confession. Say what you want about the attempted murderess and her lying ways, she was deeply hurt by Bill’s betrayal. If Sheila and Bill see each other, she’s going to rub it in his face that his big plan failed.

Sheila Carter V Ridge Forrester

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) has known Sheila for years. She shot Taylor (Krista Allen), effectively ending their marriage as Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) whisked her away from the hospital where everyone thought she died. Sheila has also shot Stephanie (Susan Flannery), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and Steffy (Jacquelin MacInnes Wood). These are the four most important people to Ridge. The 12% of you who voted for Ridge would love to see a Ridge/Sheila showdown.

Mothers’ Day

Many of you, about 35%, want to see Li (Naomi Matsuda) confront Sheila. The good doctor has a lot of scores to settle with the naughty nurse. In reverse order, Sheila nearly forced Li into a watery grave by chasing her with her car. Sheila shot Li’s son Finn (Tanner Novlan). Oh, and let’s not forget Sheila having an affair with Li’s husband, Jack (Ted King).

Queen (Steffy) for a Day

The majority of you, 45%, want to see Steffy confront Sheila. While poor Finn has partial blinders on when it comes to his birth mother, Steffy does not. Sheila does not get a pass for saving Kelly (Sophia Paras McKinlay) from the ocean.

Sheila is the woman who nearly killed her and her husband, Steffy knows. Make no mistake — Sheila is dangerous. However, if and when Steffy and Sheila have a showdown, it’s going to be Sheila we (almost) feel sorry for.

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