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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Sean Kanan

Sean Kanan showed that Deacon has a sensitive side on The Bold and the Beautiful.

sean kanan performer of the week b&bSean Kanan as Deacon Sharpe.

Soap operas have primarily been a medium for women characters but there are many complex male personas on Daytime TV. Case in point: B&B’s Deacon Sharpe played by Sean Kanan. His recent scenes reminded us just how vulnerable The Bold and the Beautiful bad boy can be.

Sean Kanan – B&B’s Performer of the Week

It’s fitting that Deacon now spends part of his time behind the bar at Il Giardino, which he’s recently acquired, because he’s a great listener. We saw Deacon be the supportive dad he’s always wanted to be to his daughter Hope (Annika Noelle), offering sage advice. Deacon’s in the zone right now — he’s got his own business, looks great, and listens well.

Deacon is also funny. We can usually count on him to make a quip about the more outlandish situations in which soap opera characters find themselves. Case in point, when Hope brought up Thomas being better now, Deacon quipped, “Better? Better than ‘how crazy he was five minutes ago’ better’? It’s a pretty low bar, Hope.”

Despite his sometimes glib demeanor, Deacon is a loving father. He took his daughter’s visit as an opportunity to remind her how much he loves her and how — with a little help from Brooke (there’s that humor again) — she’s the best thing he’s ever done.

Good looks, his own business, a great listener, and a sense of humor? The guy’s a “catch.” That’s certainly how Taylor (Krista Allen) describes him. The world-renowned psychiatrist chatted up Deacon about circling back with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), the woman Deacon’s cared about for years.

Deacon’s no dummy; he suggested to Taylor that an unavailable Brooke would pave the way for a Taylor/Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) reunion. The esteemed psychiatrist (and Brooke’s rival) confessed that she’s not trusting Brooke to uphold their deal not to see Ridge. However, Taylor wouldn’t suggest to Deacon that he pursue Brooke unless she believed it was right for everyone.

Next, Brooke accepted Deacon’s invitation to see him at Il Giardino. Kanan truly let Deacon’s vulnerability be displayed in these scenes. He apologized for what had gone on in the past but he suggested to Brooke that she came into his life to help him change — which he has! “Do you have any idea the influence you’ve had on my life?” Deacon genuinely asked Brooke.

Deacon added he wants to prove to both Brooke and Hope that he is capable of succeeding even more. “Maybe it’s our time? Maybe it’s our chance?” Deacon implored. “I’m making better choices and the best choice that I can think of is being with you…” He then asked Brooke if they could find their way back to one another and be a family — for Hope and their grandchildren. “I love you,” Deacon said. “Please. Come back to me.”

Brooke gently turned Deacon down, prompting him to ask her not to forget what he said. His reaching out to the woman he loves was done to set up a conflict between Brooke and her BFF (for now) Taylor. But we humbly suggest Brooke not focus on Taylor’s role in Deacon’s attempt at reconciliation but rather on the passionate plea Deacon made to her. Sean Kanan brought vulnerability to Deacon that might make it difficult to Brooke to say no to him forever.

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