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If Jack’s Life Implodes, Should He Stick Around on Bold and the Beautiful?

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Soaps are all about secrets and the one of Finn’s paternity has come out on The Bold and the Beautiful. Finn’s adoptive father Jack is also his biological pop. Should Jack stick around now that his secrets have exploded?

Bold and the Beautiful: Jack Finnegan May Have to Begin Again

Soap Hub posed this question to fans of The Bold and the Beautiful. Read on to see if your thoughts on the matter match the majority of viewers or not!

Don’t Hit The Bold and Beautiful Road, Jack

An even 50%, say that no, Jack should not leave town. His son is going to need him more than ever. It’s going to take both Finn and Li time to accept that Jack has been lying to them for decades. However, soap fans love to watch a great redemption story. Jack can turn this around but he needs to be on the scene to do it!

Jack, Be Nimble

Then there was the 39%, who believe that Jack should stick around but he’s going to have to do some penance. Bad enough he hooked up with Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) but then to lie about it? He’s going to have to really prove to Li that he’s sorry for what he did and the best way to do that will be to protect his family from the naughty nurse.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Single Ladies Edition

If Jack sticks around, another 6% say that Jack (if he ends up separating from Li) could test chemistry with some of the other available ladies on the show — Shauna (Denise Richards), Pam (Alley Mills), Donna (Jennifer Gareis) — are all potential candidates to date Jack. However, we suspect that Charlie (Dick Guthrie) will have something to say about Pam going with another guy!

Jack Frost

The rest of you, less than 5%, want to ice Jack out. You think his fling with Sheila and then, lying about it means he should spend a little time in the penalty box. Jack’s got some thinking to do and he might do that if he spends some time alone.

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