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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For B&B: Tanner Novlan

The actor showed new depths as his character, Finn, confronted his twisted birth mother.

tanner novlan shined on bold and the beautiful as finn.Tanner Novlan plays his character with passion on B&B.

Steffy felt she had to walk out on her husband because of Sheila but it’s not like Finn, played by Tanner Novlan, made it an easy decision. The Bold and the Beautiful doctor stood up to his psychotic mother in an effort to make his wife feel safe. Soap Hub is handing Novlan Performer of the Week for B&B honors to the actor for his powerful performance.

Tanner Novlan – Performer of the Week

Finn’s not the first man to be caught between a strong wife and a controlling mother but, of course, his situation is a bit unique. Gun-toting Sheila shot not only Finn but Steffy, too. Thanks to a legal technicality and a lot of good luck, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) managed to walk free. Needless to say, Steffy is fearful about living her day-to-day life with Sheila being on the loose. Plus, she keeps showing up at her home and it’s not to see the fabulous view. Sheila simply won’t go away.

Rather than try to reason with Sheila during her last cryptic call to the cliff house, Finn brought her into the living room so that the situation could be dealt with promptly. In the past, Finn leaned into having sympathy for Sheila. At first, the two women sparred back and forth, and we were left wondering whether Finn was going to show kindness to his mom again or not.

Happily, Finn sided with his wife. Tanner Novlan brought incredible strength and passion to Finn as the good doctor blasted his mother for her past actions and let her know they had no future. “You. Can’t. Be. Here,” Finn firmly and slowly told Sheila. Naturally, Sheila went into her ‘rights to have a second chance” routine but Finn wasn’t hearing it.

“You shot us! That doesn’t just go away! Do not come anywhere near us, Kelly, or Hayes!” Finn proclaimed. Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) was pleased to see Finn draw a firm line in the sand. Sheila, of course, never met a line she wasn’t afraid to cross. She needed more convincing. As the scenes progressed, Sheila kept pushing and pushing, pointing out that Steffy had taken the kids and left their home. This required Finn to rise to the challenge. He did.

“You need to go,” Finn said as Novlan dropped his voice to emphasize how serious he was. “Steffy didn’t use you as an excuse. She was afraid for herself and the children because everywhere that I go you follow me! Like right here, right now. You know what? That ends today. I’m not going to ask you again. Leave. I am not going to allow you to terrorize Steffy anymore. Go.”

Knowing his firm words might not be enough, Finn used logic to get Sheila to go. If she truly loved him, she’d say goodbye. “Go. Leave. And promise me that we will never hear from you again!” he stated. A dejected Sheila finally got the message. She retreated and exited out the front door.

Despite Finn making it 100% clear that Sheila is not welcome in his life, an exhausted Steffy still feels she needs to leave town with Kelly and Hayes for their safety. She has some thinking to do and needs to feel safe. Steffy doesn’t doubt Finn’s sincerity or love but she is not sure that even that can stop Sheila. In time, we suspect that the couple’s love will endure and lead to a reunion. Kudos to Tanner Novlan for bringing such intensity to Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan.

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