Donnell Turner

Birth Name: Donnell Turner
Birth Place: Tacoma, Washington, United States
Profession: Actor


Born in Tacoma, WA, Turner, his mother, and brother moved to Redding, CA when he was just a small boy and he lost himself in acting, performing in many church plays. Of course, he also stayed athletic, learning martial arts and playing basketball.

As a matter of fact, he almost ended up with a basketball career and turned semi-pro for a while, but eventually decided acting is where his passions lie and decided to pursue that full time.

By 2001, Turner made his way to LA and the audition circuit and you can find him in a variety of commercials, including ones for Nike, Bud Light, Pepsi, Coke, Coors, Disney, and AT&T.

In 2010, Turner landed in the soap world, but only briefly when he played a doctor treating Hope on Days of Our Lives. He also found stunt work on shows like ER and Criminal Minds.

Turner admits that he sent letters and headshots to General Hospital casting director Mark Teschner throughout the years and it finally paid off for him in 2015 when he was remembered when casting the role of Curtis Ashford.

Curtis and Turner became instant hits on GH and many say the actor has chemistry with a tree, meaning just about anyone they pair him with a scene, leaving so many possibilities for the ex-cop/recovering drug addict/private investigator.

When not on screen, Turner can be found working with local kids to help them turn their lives around. He also works with the organization Autism Speaks and was a celebrity guest speaker for the group in 2016.

Fast Facts

  • January 8, 1973— Birthdate
  • Turner grew up watching General Hospital with his grandmother.
  • Turner is a fitness enthusiast and uses Muay Thai to stay in shape.
  • Turner is a mentor for many local California high school students.
  • Turner is one of those men that feels no shame wearing socks with sandals.


  • Ejay Turner— Brother
  • — Mother
  • — Sister
  • — Sister
  • — Brother
  • — Brother
  • — Brother

Donnell Turner  Photos

Actor (5 Credits)

Title Role Year

General Hospital (TV Show)

13924 — 2017
13923 — 2017
13922 — 2017

Curtis Ashford 2017

Friends With Better Lives (TV Show)

The Bicycle Thieves — 2014

Cop 2 2014

The Mindy Project (TV Show)

Wiener Night — 2013

Male Cop 2013

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV Show)

In Vino Veritas — 2013

Bouncer 2013

2 Broke Girls (TV Show)

And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part One and Two) — 2012
And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part One) — 2012
And Martha Stewart Have a Ball (Part Two) — 2012

Officer James 2012