Who Should Run The Savoy While Curtis Ashford Recovers On GH?

Curtis Ashford could use the help right now.

curtis ashford needs help with the savoy on general hospital.Curtis Ashford needs help with The Savoy.

Curtis Ashford may be paralyzed for life on General Hospital. At least, that’s what the show would like Curtis — and us — to believe.

General Hospital Polling

So while Curtis (Donnell Turner) recovers, his club will need to go under new management. Who is best to fill in until everything is back in working order? Here’s how fans responded to this burning question.

Boss Lady Helps Curtis Ashford?

It’s almost like no one trusts Selina (Lydia Look), which is why only 1% of the audience voted for her to move in and take over. It’s like they don’t realize she’s the most qualified and experienced. It must be because she’s a woman. You don’t think a woman can run a thriving business. It can’t be because she’s a mobster. Sonny (Maurice Benard) is a mobster, and when we first met him, he was running a club, with strippers and everything. Surely, if it’s OK for Sonny, it would be OK for Selina!

GH: Promote From Within

N’neka (Arlondriah Lenyéa) is more than qualified to step in, 38% of you want it on the record. She managed to help Trina (Tabyana Ali) with her fake blood dress-up drama, and she pegged Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) for her fake ID. The woman is a pro and she’ll keep everything up and running until Curtis is…up and running.

Curtis Ashford Needs Help From His Dad

But for 61% of voters, there is only one possibility: Marshall (Robert Gossett). Also known as Hat Man. Also known as Curtis’s dad. First and foremost, everyone in Port Charles gets their job via nepotism, from CEO Michael (Chad Duell) to newspaper assistant Esme. Hiring someone who isn’t a relative or as a favor to a relative just isn’t done. And second, Marshall is cool. See the hat. Only someone cool can run a club. He’ll look good managing. And that’s all that matters. It’s all about the vibes.

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