General Hospital Target Practice: Who Was The Real Shooting Target?

And who will the GH shooter go after next?

curtis's loved ones look at him on the general hospital gurney while dante looks up at the shooter.Who was the true GH target?

Just because Curtis Ashford is the one with the bullet in him and teetering on the brink of death on General Hospital, that doesn’t mean he was the actual intended victim. So many citizens of Port Charles deserve to be shot.

General Hospital Polling

And so many people want to shoot them. Who was the real target of this latest criminal activity? What almost 2,000 fans are suspecting:

The Stranger in the GH Mirror

Could have been anyone, 9% of you shrug. The Metro Court was full of people. It wasn’t just Curtis (Donnell Turner), Anna (Finola Hughes), and Sonny (Maurice Benard) who were potential targets. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) was there. Portia (Brook Kerr), Zeke (Gavin Houston), and Jordan (Tanika Harper). They’ve all got enemies. Lots of people would like to see them gone.

Above the General Hospital Law

Maybe it really was Curtis, 14% of you are too confused to dig any deeper. His past is pretty sketchy. It could be someone mysterious. Or someone less mysterious. Like, oh, say, Taggert (Réal Andrews). He may be a lawman. But maybe he decided to take a page from Sonny’s book and get his revenge in a direct way.

GH Ladies First

Anna has worked for the WSB, she’s worked for the DVX, she’s hooked up with a Cassadine, and now her past has been exposed. Again. That’s a lot of potential assassins, 27% of the audience points out. Sure, they’re bad assassins, as they ended up hitting the wrong person. But if anyone deserves to have a contract put out on her, it’s Anna. Because she is just that bad-ass.

Center of the General Hospital Universe

No one is more important, or more wanted than Sonny, 50% can’t believe they have to reiterate that. It would hurt his feelings if he found out the shooter was after anyone but him. And that can’t be allowed to happen. Of course, they were out to get you, Sonny. You’re still the baddest of them all. Please don’t throw any barware.

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