General Hospital All Done: Is Jordan Ashford Really Over Curtis?

Should Portia Robinson be nervous on GH?

curtis and jordan ashford looking at each other on general hospital.Has Jordan really moved on from Curtis Ashford?

We don’t blame Jordan Ashford for being confused on General Hospital. She and Curtis finally got divorced. He married another woman. And then he kissed Jordan. And then he went back to his wife. Sure, Jordan slept with Zeke on the rebound. But is she really most sincerely over Curtis?

General Hospital Polling: Draw You a Picture

Oh, yeah, 19% cheer. Jordan (Tanisha Harper) isn’t just over Curtis (Donnell Turner). She is over and done. Do you know how we know? Because she wasn’t thinking about Curtis when she was with Zeke (Gavin Houston). She was thinking about the most important person: Herself. And we couldn’t be happier for her!

GH: We Were on a Break

Jordan is over Curtis, 40% of the audience agrees…for now. Right now, she is furious at Curtis for jerking her around. For kissing her, making it clear he would like to take it further, then, when she hesitated, went running back to Portia (Brook Kerr). Whom he is, you know, actually married to.

And with whom he just found out he shares a daughter. So, yeah, Jordan feels like she and Curtis are over for good. But it’s not like “till death do we part” means anything in Port Charles. And certainly not to Curtis. He’ll be single again sooner rather than later. And then how will Jordan feel?

Jordan Ashford: General Hospital’s Love of My Life

An almost equal 41%, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite. Jordan will never get over Curtis. She married him because she loved him. He divorced her, not the other way around. And she kissed him, even after he’d married someone else. This is a guy who will always be in her heart. Even Portia has to know that on some level. And, no matter how much Jordan denies it, we know it, too.

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