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General Hospital: Should Portia and Curtis Ashford Reunite?

Will Trina Robinson’s paternity affect this GH couple?

curtis ashford and portia are estranged on general hospital.Should Curtis Ashford and Portia truly reunite?

Curtis Ashford believes there should be no lies in his General Hospital relationships. Unless he’s the one doing the lying, of course. He broke up with Jordan because she lied to him. Then he broke up with Portia because she lied to him.

General Hospital Polling

Then he told Portia he wanted them to have no more secrets. Then he kissed Jordan and lied to Portia about it. So now that we know the truth is relative — and irrelevant — should Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Portia (Brook Kerr) reunite? Here’s what almost 2,000 voters had to say about that possibility.

GH: To Deserve You

Oh, heck, sure, why not, 20% are kind of beyond caring. At this point, Curtis and Portia deserve each other. She lies, then he lies, then she cries, and then he denies. They’ve got a pattern going. They’re in a rut. They’re an old married couple already. It might as well stay that way.

General Hospital: Try To Remember Curtis Ashford

Portia and Curtis loved each once, 34% of the audience reminds before all the um, unpleasantness happened. They should remember that love and try again. So what if Trina (Tabyana Ali) is upset with them both now? They can have another replacement kid who will love them for a few years at least. And by then, Trina might have forgiven them. Good plan! Go with that!

GH Hot Mess

Oh, please, this pairing is a disaster, and 46% would like to forget it ever happened. And they certainly don’t want it happening again. Why try to keep together something that has so obviously already fallen apart? Trina isn’t the only one who hates them. They’re not so thrilled with each other at the moment. They will never get back what they once had. Even if that wasn’t so great, either. Call this a learning experience, and move on. And never mention it again.

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