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Together Forever? Forgive and Forget? What Happens To Cane and Lily Now?

Cane and Lily on The Young and the RestlessCane and Lily on The Young and the Restless

Truth is a rare commodity on the soaps, but it’s looking like it’s starting to come out on The Young and the Restless (YR).

Now that the judge has allowed Juliet’s lawsuit against Cane and Brash and Sassy to go forward, both are going to have to testify – under oath.

Each is pretty good at lying. Juliet is claiming that Cane forced her into bed in exchange for getting her a job with Victoria. Cane is claiming they didn’t sleep together for any reason.

Whether or not a drunken Cane actually had sex with Juliet in Tokyo, or whether she just made it look that way, the fact remains that Cane has been lying to Lily about… something.

Will she stick with him once she learns the truth? Almost 7,000 viewers offered their version of marriage counseling.

Till Death Do Us Part
Cane (Daniel Goddard) made a mistake. Lily (Christel Khalil) has made some, too. She should be able to understand why her husband did what he did, and 55% of you expect her to forgive him. If maybe not forget. 

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Lily can stay with Cane… and still make his life miserable, if that’s how she happens to roll.

Throw Out the Trash
A drunken mistake is one thing, counter 32%. Soberly lying about it. And lying about it. And lying about it, is a different matter.

Whether or not Cane and Juliet actually did the deed, or he was too sloshed to perform, the fact remains, Cane showed some crappy judgment, both in getting drunk, in letting Juliet take him to his room, in believing her version of events, and in trying to cover them up.

Lily will never be able to trust him again.

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
A minority, 13%, aren’t sure about how Lily should react. Maybe Cane didn’t sleep with Juliet. But he definitely set up Billy (Jason Thompson), which is what began all this trouble in the first place. Does Cane deserve to keep his wife after all that?

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