The Young and the Restless

Why Wicked Soap Opera Stepmothers Aren’t Just the Stuff of Fairytales

soap opera stepmothers

Evil stepmothers aren’t just the stuff of fairytales. It’s a wonderful go-to staple for a soap opera too, and there have been plenty of them throughout daytime history. Here are some ruthless ladies who have caused their share of heartache and pain.

The Young and the Restless

When Gloria Judith Chapman fell for John Abbott, his children only saw her as a gold digger. Mind you, they weren’t completely wrong, but Gloria did love the man. She constantly embarrassed them and they wanted her out of his life for good.

Flash forward several years and she’s still causing them problems as they fight about her and her place at Jabot. It will only get worse when Ashley learns that Jack’s taken his relationship with his former stepmother to a whole new level – lover!

General Hospital

So she wasn’t exactly Alexis’s stepmom, technically-speaking since the girl was more like her husband’s love child, but Helena Constance Towers was as evil as they come to poor Alexis.

In fact, she makes the fairytale step-moms seem wholly inadequate in the evil department, considering she wielded a sharp knife across her husband’s mistress’s throat while her poor daughter watched. It’s amazing that Alexis is as well adjusted as she is considering what she had to endure as a child.

Days of our Lives

When thinking of wicked step-moms, you have to consider Kate Roberts’ Lauren Koslow. After all, Kate, while married to Roman (okay, so it seemed like he was dead at the time) and also romancing John, continued to wreak havoc at her favorite target of all time – their mutual daughter Sami (okay, really Roman’s but John thought she was his daughter for a while).

Yeah, yeah, we know Sami may have deserved a lot of what happened to her, but Kate was old enough to know better and be the better person. Oh well.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Before Quinn Rena Sofer fell for her stepson, Ridge, she drove him crazy with hatred. Of course in Quinn’s mind, she was just protecting her husband Eric.

But to her stepson, she was the plague who was destroying his family and he was determined to do whatever he could to stop her. The silly boy went a bit too far and at one point seemed incapable of reining in his impulses. Instead of seeing her as wicked, his feelings toward her turned wickedly…inappropriate.

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