What Was Victor Thinking Moving Ashland on Young and the Restless?

The Young and the Restless Victor and AshlandThe Young and the Restless Victor and Ashland

Since Victor Newman never makes mistakes on The Young and the Restless, we have no doubt that his decision to have Ashland Locke’s body moved from Victoria’s house and driven in his car off the edge of a ravine will prove to be as brilliant of a business move as everything else he’s ever done.

The Young and the Restless Polling

But, there’s also a teeny, tiny part of us that wonders why in the world Victor felt he had to take such drastic action. Here’s what over 2,000 fans are speculating:

Y&R To Protect and Serve

Victor (Eric Braeden) wanted to make sure neither Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) not Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) would ever have to face any charges for their part in Ashland’s (Robert Newman) death, 55% of you insist. It’s a father’s job to protect his children. Even when they’re middle-aged. And didn’t ask for it.

The Young and the Restless I Am What I Am

And then there are the 21% of voters who would like to make it clear that Victor doesn’t need reasons. Reasons are for peons. The only reason Victor Newman has to do anything is that he is Victor Newman. You got that?

My Company, Tis of Thee

This wasn’t about Victoria or Nick, 21% counter. This was about protecting the precious company. Newman Enterprises couldn’t risk any more scandal after the stunts Ashland pulled — proving that the mighty Newman could be played, and so easily, too. This wasn’t about the children. This was about the money.

Young and the Restless: Who Knows?

Who knows why Victor does anything, 3% of the audience shrugs. Sometimes it’s for love, sometimes it’s for money, sometimes it’s for spite, and sometimes it’s because he’s bored and needs to prove to himself that he still matters. This was a power play. And you can be sure that, in the end, Victor won’t be the one to pay for anything going wrong.

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