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Did Victor Know Chloe’s Doctor’s NUTS? Hmmm…

The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless (YR), Victor is always reminding the denizens of Genoa City how he knows all and sees all, and how nobody can pull the wool over his eyes for long.

So should we be taking him at his word? Should we assume that Victor knew all along that Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) mild-mannered (seeming) Dr. Harris (Ron Melendez) was actually seriously cuckoo-for-CocoPuffs crazy?

Early Retirement
When Nick and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) learned Harris took early retirement from the mental hospital where Chloe was once held, viewers assumed it was because Victor had driven a wheel-barrow of money up to Harris’ house in order to make him Victor’s personal shrink/jailer.

But what if, even before the Newman windfall, Harris had already been bounced from the profession for, frankly, needing a shrink more than he was actually qualified to be one?

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation
But why would Victor (Eric Braeden) do such a thing? This is a man who always demands the best. Why would he settle for a disgraced psychiatrist?

Could it be because a damaged, sick man is exactly what Victor wanted?

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After all, a healthy, self-confident individual might dare to stand up to Victor, or, worse, develop opinions of his own regarding the ethics of keeping a mentally ill woman locked up against her will, not to mention letting everyone from her mother to her daughter believe she was dead?

Just What the Doctor Ordered
On the other hand, an unstable man still mourning his dead daughter — a dead daughter who happens to look a whole lot like Chloe — will more likely do what he’s told.

And even take it a step further, sinking into a delusion where Chloe is his precious, lost Maggie… and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) is the interloper keeping them apart.

Victor insists he never makes mistakes (well, except when he loves too much and sacrifices all for his judgmental, ungrateful family), so is Harris doing exactly what Victor wanted all along?

He’s keeping Chloe out of Genoa City — and making sure Kevin can’t expose her or Victor’s role in Adam’s death….

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