The Young and the Restless

Top 10 Reasons to Watch The Young and the Restless Right Now

The Young and the Restless Top 10 ReasonsThe Young and the Restless Top 10 Reasons

The Young and the Restless is back on air and delivering some powerful and poignant plotlines. Here are 10 reasons to watch what’s happening in Genoa City right now.

1. The Young and the Restless Tugs At Your Heart

Sharon’s battle with breast cancer has been a wonderful vehicle to showcase Daytime Emmy winner Sharon Case. As the character has dealt with the devastating diagnosis, she’s fought hard to stand strong, not let friends and family smother her with too much help, and, above all, not let the illness totally consume her life.

2. Chip Off The Old Block

The third recast of Victor’s (Eric Braeden) youngest son, Adam, has flourished in actor Mark Grossman’s hands. Not only has he totally grasped the complex character, but he understands the essence of the black sheep Newman at his core. He’s been fascinating to watch, particularly as he faces the demons from his childhood and tries to reconcile them with the present.

3. First Families Front and Center

Veteran Newmans Victor (Eric Braedan) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are back on the forefront as a united force, standing strong together. That’s how they’re meant to be and are best utilized. Meanwhile, on the Abbott front, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Traci (Beth Maitland) have been featured prominently, too, while regular visits from sister Ashley (Eileen Davidson) round out the family.

4. Victor Victoria

At long last, the show’s writers have allowed Victoria to come into her own as papa Victor’s heir. Amelia Heinle is a natural wheeling and dealing in the corporate world, and it’s been entertaining watching her develop into a take charge and oft times ruthless businesswoman. The power turn has always been in Victoria’s blood, and now it’s finally being realized.

5. Blast From the Past

Mishael Morgan’s return as Hilary-lookalike Amanda has fueled story for Devon (Bryton James), who’s happily moved on with Elena (Brytni Sarpy). Nevertheless, seeing his dead wife’s face on a regular basis continues to mess with his head and his heart. Adding Nate (Sean Dominic) to the mix has spiced things up, making it an interesting quadrangle.

6. Gilding Lily

Since ditching Cane (Daniel Goddard), Lily (Christel Khalil) has blossomed into a whole new woman. The suddenly single version of the character is light and fun, yet strong-willed and powerful. Having her in Billy’s (Jason Thompson) orbit at Chancellor has been an intriguing twist while providing the opportunity for a possible romance between the twosome.

7. In the Phick of Things

Michelle Stafford and Joshua Morrow always had fiery chemistry as Phyllis and Nick, so reconnecting the pair after years apart was a brilliant move. They’re one of the sexiest couples in Genoa City, and they’ve been through a lion’s share of turmoil over the years, which adds all sorts of nuance to their relationship.

8. Always Shadam

The special friendship between Sharon and Adam remains a key part of the soap. The ex-lovers and longtime pals share a unique bond, so it’s only natural that they’re always there to help and support each other in times of trouble. Plus, their connection constantly hovers over their respective romantic relationships with Rey and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

9. Rival Spark

After years of going back and forth about a Kyle and Summer romance, the show is finally going for it, and it’s totally working. Actors Michael Mealor and Hunter King mesh effortlessly, and there’s always such fun banter in their scenes together. The fact that they hail from rival families – he’s an Abbott, and she’s a Newman – make them a classic daytime duo.

10. The Young and the Restless Wild Card

Tyler Johnson is intriguing as the quirky, dubious, and charismatic Theo; Kyle’s old nemesis and newfound cousin. From his no-strings-attached past with Summer to his interest in Lola (Sasha Calle), Theo just can’t seem to resist Kyle’s women. Then there’s his flirtation with Victoria. If the soap decides to amp that up, it could really stir the pot, since his new BFF and boss Billy certainly wouldn’t approve. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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