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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Devon Hamilton

The Young and the Restless DevonThe Young and the Restless Devon

Devon Hamilton – barely into his thirties, this young man has gone from living as a virtual orphan to experiencing life as a billionaire; from having no one to an extended family. And in between it all, he’s learned the hard way that the course of true love never runs smooth.

Who Is Devon Hamilton?

Devon is the son of Tucker McCall and Yolanda Hamilton, though he never knew his father and his recollections of Yolanda were spotty at best. Raised in foster homes for much of his life, Devon made the acquaintance of Lily Winters, whose parents, Neil and Drucilla, eventually adopted him.

Having adjusted to his new surroundings, Devon contracted meningitis and was rendered deaf from the infection. With prodding, he agreed to be fitted for cochlear implants and eventually learned sign language alongside his new family.

Female Trouble
Devon’s first serious relationship was with Roxanne but his subsequent affair with his (adopted) Aunt Tyra – the guardian of Devon’s younger sister, Anna and Neil’s mistress – put an end to it.

Chancellor’s Billions
An association with Tucker and his new record label resulted in Devon learning about his parentage and developing a love for music and the business world. For a time, he worked for his paternal grandmother Katherine Chancellor and at Jabot Cosmetics.

When Katherine suddenly passed away, Devon was stunned to learn that he was to inherit the bulk of her estate – $2.475,000,000. Devon went on to use the money wisely, helping those less fortunate.

(More) Female Trouble

Following his windfall, Devon fell under the sway of Hilary Curtis and their love affair continued even after she married Neil. When the truth was outed, and the divorce finalized, Devon and Hilary wed but their honeymoon was marred when the bride suffered an amnesia-inducing accident and awoke with only memories of Neil.

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Despite her eventual remembrance, Devon wasn’t sure he could trust in their love and the pair separated. Even her instillation as host of GC Buzz – the news company that Devon purchased – and the tender way in which she nursed him after a devastating car accident, wasn’t enough to save the marriage.

Devon tried moving on with Mariah Copeland but quickly realized she had eyes for Tessa Porter, the newest singer signed to Devon’s recording Power Communications label.

Try as he might to stay away from her, Devon always found himself drawn back into Hilary’s orbit and he even agreed to help her father a child – via in-vitro fertilization – a decision which eventually led to their reunion.

However, Hilary tragically perished in a car accident, caused in part by the negligence of Devon’s adoptive sister Lily. In time, Devon began to heal and move on with his life. He met Elena Dawson and began to court her.

But their future now remains in doubt. A woman named Amanda Sinclair, who looks exactly like Hilary, arrived in town and convinced Devon that his inheritance had been unlawfully distributed when, in fact, it was a scam arranged by Colin Atkinson to steal the funds.

Though Amanda claims she was duped herself, Devon continues to doubt her and he is sure that her resemblance to late wife is no mere coincidence. Only time will prove his suspicions correct or invalid. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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