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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Brad Carlton

The Young and the Restless Brad CarltonThe Young and the Restless Brad Carlton

Throughout soap opera history, there have been many handsome men – hunks, if you will. One such stallion on The Young and the Restless was Brad Carlton, played by fan-favorite Don Diamont. Here’s a look back at the lives and loves of the gardener-turned-tycoon!

Shorts And Sales

Brad was the object of Traci Abbott’s affections after he’d been hired to trim the hedges on the Abbott estate. He moved up in the world when he was given a shot in the sales department. Jack, Traci’s brother, who was no fan of Brad’s, gave him one of the toughest territories — and Brad succeeded!

Kept In A Cage
Traci and Brad married but were having difficulties. His deranged ex-wife Lisa Mansfield came to town and wanted Brad back! She hired impersonator Rich Little to explain Brad’s absence after she kidnapped him and put him in a giant cage. Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Traci miscarried Brad’s baby.

Lisa attempted to kill Brad and Lauren after she discovered where he was, but Jack rescued them. Brad raced to the courthouse hoping to stop Traci from divorcing him, but he got there too late.

Sudden Inheritance
Ashley agreed to flirt with Brad to make Traci jealous. Next, he took a job at Ra-Tech, which was owned by George Rawlins’ widow, Cassandra. She fell for Brad, drugged him, and married him! Brad and Cassandra divorced, but she was struck and killed by a truck. Brad inherited her millions, making him a wealthy man.

Second Chances
Brad and Traci re-wed and she gave birth to their daughter, Colleen. Soon, Brad realized that Traci had fallen in love with her editor, Steve, so they divorced again. Brad had a heart attack during a fling with Lauren. Next, he proposed to Nikki Newman, but she called off their wedding after learning that Victor had been shot. Dejected, Brad left town.

The Prodigal Returns
Jack lured Brad back to Genoa City with the idea that they would take over Newman Enterprises, but Victor turned the tables on them. Brad helped the Abbotts buy back Jabot from Newman – proving that he’d come a long way from trimming their hedges.

Almost Ashley
Brad rekindled his relationship with Ashley, who was pregnant with Victor’s child. Brad raised Abby as his own and saw Ashley through a breast cancer ordeal. He objected to daughter Colleen’s relationship with J.T. but changed his tune after J.T. saved her from a fire. He called off an affair with Olivia after Ash learned she was pregnant.

A pregnant Ashley lost Brad’s baby, named Robert after John Abbott’s father, during a cosmetics war between Newman’s Brash & Sassy and Jabot Cosmetics. Brad’s life became more difficult after little Abby informed Victor that he was indeed her biological dad, prompting the mogul to want visitation. Brad’s marriage to Ashley ended. Next, he married Victoria Newman despite Sharon showing interest in him.

Secret Past
Paul, on orders from Victor, checked out Brad’s past and learned that he was, in reality, George Kaplan. George’s father and sister had been killed by the Nazis. George escaped and set out to live a new life.

He took the name Brad Carlton because it had belonged to a friend of his who’d died, and soon joined the Navy Seals. When his family’s killers returned, hoping to finish the job, Brad killed one of them using his muscular thighs. Life proved to go on when Victoria became pregnant but divorced Brad after she miscarried.

Tragic End

Brad and Traci shared a nice exchange at the Genoa City Athletic Club in which he realized – and shared with his ex – that he cared for her deeply and she was the one who had gotten away.

After being rejected by Sharon, Brad came upon a drowning Noah in a freezing lake. Brad died saving Noah’s life. He was buried almost immediately in keeping with his faith. Brad appeared as a spirit a few years later when Colleen passed away after being kidnapped by Patty Williams. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Brad's Proposal Rap

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