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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Billy Won’t Double-Cross Jack

Will Billy betray Ashley next on Y&R?

y&r spoilers speculation about bill and jack abbott.Is Billy Abbott really on Team Jack?

Y&R spoilers allowed Diane Jenkins to verbalize what we’ve all been suspecting. Billy Abbott is pretending to be a double agent for Jack Abbott with Ashley Abbott, but he is really starting to lean more and more toward her camp. Will Billy betray his brother? And his sister? Is Billy only out for himself?

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Stay the Course

Sure, Billy (Jason Thompson) has said all the right things to Jack (Peter Bergman). He parroted the lines Jack wanted him to at Ashley (Eileen Davidson). But, on the other hand, Billy has said all the right things to Ashley, too. So how can we believe his sincerity? We don’t know if Billy is coming or going. And neither does he.

Young & Restless: Me, Myself & I

Billy could be out only for himself because he’s selfish. But he could also be out only for himself because he’s as confused about what’s going on as we are. Rather than trying to remember whose side he’s on, Billy can just decide to be exclusively on his own side. After all, he’s long resented his older siblings for not including him in their reindeer games. This would be a good way to let them have it.

Y&R Spoilers: Follow Through

Let’s face it, Billy is bad at…pretty much everything. He’s bad at relationships. He’s bad at parenting. He’s a lackluster son, and every business he touches turns to garbage. So, yeah, he may be thinking about double-crossing Jack, double-crossing Ashley, and stealing the whole Jabot kit and caboodle for himself.

But he won’t. Not because he’s a good person, and not because he’s a moral person but because he’s a lazy person. Scheming requires a level of effort Billy has never shown himself capable of putting in. Billy wants things handed to him. He doesn’t want to work for anything. And that’s why Jack and Ashley have nothing to worry about.

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