The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Ashley and Tucker Are Done for Good

Is it time for this Y&R couple to pull the plug forever?

y&r spoilers speculation banner over tucker and ashley.Is this Y&R couple completely over?

Y&R spoilers threw fans for a loop recently. We’d been led to believe that Tucker didn’t care for his wife and had only married her as part of a scheme to take over Jabot. But then, Tucker flat out burst into tears after Ashley told him — for the umpteenth time — that they were never, ever getting back together. This made us wonder: Is there still a chance this crazy couple might be able to make it work?

Young and the Restless: Something To Remind Me

They broke up so fast — was it literally a hot minute? There have to be some unresolved feelings there. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) called it quits the first time Tucker (Trevor St. John) suggested they might want to pull some business shenanigans. But, couldn’t she have just said, “No,” and not walked out on her marriage? What if she had tried that? What if she were to try it again?

Glacial Time

Don’t Ashley and Tucker reunite every decade or so, just like clockwork? So, yeah, let them take another 10 years off, and see what happens then. Ashley can go to Paris and Tucker can go back to his ashram. They can both think deep thoughts in multiple languages. And then, they can try again.

End of the Road

For the sake of everyone’s mental health — including ours — it’s time to pull the plug for good. Even if they once loved each other, even if they still love each other, they never have and never will trust each other. Which is why it never had and never will work. Why do Ashley and Tucker insist on living out the quote attributed to Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? This relationship is over. Let’s all move on, shall we?

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