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Y&R Recap For December 6: Sally Confesses Everything To Nick

She’s not even sorry for sleeping with Adam, either.

Y&R recap for Tuesday, December 6, 2022 Sally confesses all to Nick

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, December 6, 2022, brings two surprising confessions, exes reminiscing over old times, friends catching up, and so much more. Find out every bit of what happened today in Genoa City.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) shared a meal together while Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) and Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan) had a movie night. Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) invited Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) to stay the night. Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) confided in Adam Newman (Mark Grossman), and Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) told Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) that she wasn’t sorry for getting Adam out of her system. Now let’s dig a little deeper.

Young and the Restless: Old Times

Lily hung out at the bar while she waited for takeout, and Daniel showed up. He asked her to have dinner with him, which she did. She asked about his dad and Lucy. Daniel said Danny Romalotti (Michael Damian) was still out there performing. He also described Lucy and said his talks with his daughter inspired the gaming platform. Lily revealed that Mattie Ashby was a senior at Stanford and Charlie Ashby was studying film at New York University.

Christel Khalil, Michael Graziadei Y&R Recap

Lily pointedly asked Daniel about Heather. He said he’d rather not talk about her, and Lily let him change the subject to his new platform idea. He expressed his desire to make the whole thing perfect, and Lily noted he hadn’t always been a perfectionist. Daniel said this project meant everything to him because it was about bettering himself and setting himself up for success.

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Daniel turned the direction of the talk to Lily’s life, and she said she loved life right now. Lily especially loved running Chancellor-Winters, even though it’s difficult at times. He pointedly asked about Lily’s personal life, and she admitted that Billy kept things interesting. Daniel said he found it hard to imagine Lily and Billy long-term.

Lily took exception to that, and she said that she and Billy worked just fine. Daniel turned it back to when they dated and reminded her of their history. They drank to being stronger than ever now.

Christel Khalil, Michael Graziadei
"The Young and the Restless"

Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) was at a sleepover, and Billy knocked on Chelsea’s door with a bag filled to the brim with movie night supplies. Chelsea wasn’t all that enthused that Billy showed up unannounced. He tried to cajole her with humor, but it didn’t work much.

Chelsea told him about the situation with the school bully making fun of Connor because of her illness. They discussed it, and Billy asked Chelsea if she was trying to avoid him. She revealed that she just needed to lean on her network, and she admitted that Lily had told her that Billy couldn’t be there for her 24/7. The last thing Chelsea wanted was to become a burden to Billy. They sat down and watched the movie. Chelsea was glad Billy had helped cheer her up, and he admitted that he needed the evening too.

Y&R Recap: Protection

Jack comforted Diane at the Abbott mansion. He promised her everything would be okay, but she got a text from Jeremy, who let her know it was a big mistake to have the Abbotts fight her battles. Diane freaked out over the text, and Jack tried to soothe her. She said Jeremy obviously wanted payback.

Jack wanted to know what Diane meant, and once again, she told him yet another thing she’d kept secret. She kept Jeremy’s money that she had ready to transport overseas when he got caught. To Jack, it wasn’t that big a deal — all Diane had to do was give Jeremy the money back. However, Diane said the money was gone, which shocked Jack. She used all the money to buy her own place, get therapy, and take courses for her real estate license.

She cried about the money allowing her to be free — until Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) came around. Tucker, combined with Jeremy, made her feel like the whole thing would come crashing down. Jack had a simple solution to everything — let him help her pay back the money. Diane said absolutely not.

She refused to take money from Jack so that she didn’t have to rely on wealthy men, which, after all, was the point of her transformation. Jack asked her to consider it a loan. Diane pointed out that if Jeremy thought she’d ratted him out to the feds, he would want revenge. Jack wondered why Diane hadn’t entered witness protection, and she said it was because she never could’ve gotten back to her son.

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Jack promised Diane that she was safe now. She thanked him for his reassurance with tears in her eyes, and she said she should go. Jack suggested Diane would be safer staying there in a guest room, and Diane tried to say no, citing Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) staying there, but Jack said it was his home, and he wanted her there.

Y&R Recap: Explanations

At Glam Club, Adam and Chance caught up with each other over a drink. Adam apologized for being hard on Chance for the Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) investigation, and Chance said — case closed. Chance also said he got what Adam was feeling over Sally, and Adam didn’t see how since his friend had the perfect marriage.

Chance surprised Adam by admitting that he and Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) were getting divorced. He gave Adam a sanitized version, stating their issues were work/life balance, but Adam didn’t buy it. He ascertained that something bad went down between Chance and Abby. Chance said he had to confide in somebody, and he let Adam know that Abby cheated on him.

Adam was incredulous, and Chance told him to keep the news to himself. Adam suggested that Chance could work things out with his sister, but Chance said it was too far gone. Chance wondered if Adam or Sally cheated, and Adam told his friend that he and Sally had tried to reconnect but that too much had happened. Chance suggested they might be able to work it out, but Adam didn’t have much hope.

At her hotel room, Nick confronted Sally, and she admitted how she’d felt about Adam’s proposal. She admitted that her feelings for Nick were real, but she also felt all kinds of feelings for Adam. She explained that Adam had stopped by to apologize, and he told her he still meant the proposal. Sally said she felt scared to believe it, and she had to know for sure.

Courtney Hope, Joshua Morrow Y&R Recap

Sally told Nick that she was entirely positive now that she and Adam were over. Their relationship is beyond repair. Interestingly, she wasn’t sorry for having sex with Adam, and she wanted to know what Nick was feeling. Nick said it wasn’t easy to see Adam leaving her room, but he reminded her that she didn’t owe him anything. He pointed out that now that Sally had closure, she was grieving, and he felt that talking about moving on was too soon.

Nick calmly admitted that he had raging jealousy, but Sally said she wanted to date Nick, especially now that her feelings for Adam were resolved. She put the ball in his court. She told him to take as long as he needed to decide if he wanted to see her too. Nick agreed. They said good night, and he left.

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