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Y&R Spoilers Recap For October 25: Ashley Demands Answers From Tucker

She isn’t going to let him squirm out of the whole thing.

Y&R spoilers recap for Tuesday, October 25, 2022

The Y&R spoilers recap for Tuesday, October 25, 2022, brings some “I told you so” from Ashley Abbott to her brother Jack Abbott, and later, she demands answers from Tucker McCall, which could spell doom for Diane Jenkins.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) talked about Diane’s (Susan Walters) confession about her connection to Tucker (Trevor St. John). Ashley was surprised when Jack relayed the whole thing, and Jack noted that Diane was lying the entire time she’s been back in town.

Ashley and Jack Y&R Spoilers Recap 2

Ashley had lots of “I told you so” for Jack. She was furious that Diane and Tucker used Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang) to get close to their family. She wondered if her brother was as furious as she was about their despicable lies. Jack said it’d caught him off-guard, but he’d never fully trusted Diane since her return. Ashley insisted that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) had to be told soon.

When Jack admitted he still wanted to give Diane the benefit of the doubt, Ashley was incensed at her brother’s sympathy for the woman. Ultimately, he said they needed more information, and then he asked Ashley about Tucker. She revealed that she was going to string Tucker along to get as much information as she could. She warned Jack that the Abbott family should be on guard, ready for anything. Later, Jack flashed back to his discussion with Diane that led to their kiss.

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At the ranch, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) gave Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) the third degree on what she was doing at Marchetti. Phyllis declared that she had Diane near her breaking point, and Nikki seemed modified by that information. Nikki said her daily life wasn’t really affected by Diane, but she pointed out that Phyllis’s is. Phyllis lamented her career sacrifice, and Nikki appreciated Phyllis’s work on their mutual project, but Phyllis admitted she did want her life back.

Meanwhile, Tucker ended up at Crimson Lights with Diane, and he was shocked when she admitted that she’d told Jack all about their Los Angeles connection. Tucker reminded Diane that he gave her all the information about Allie, which allowed her to reconnect with her family. Tucker admonished Diane for not keeping her mouth shut, but she said he forced her hand by reneging on their deal.

Y&R Tucker and Diane

Of course, Tucker wondered what would happen when Jack told Kyle and others about what she did. Diane laughed at Tucker, and she reminded him that he had no chance with Ashley. Tucker warned Diane that everything she’d built would crumble. She insisted that Jack would help her because she’d been the victim, and Tucker absolutely did not believe her. He insisted that nobody — including Jack — would see her as the victim. Tucker informed Diane that he saw her as a liability, which should be her biggest concern.

Diane told Tucker they should part ways if she was a liability, but he told her he wasn’t done with her. His phone dinged with a text from Ashley, and Tucker warned Diane that Jack better not have told Ashley anything. He threatened to make her life so hard if he had a mess to clean up, and he left.

Y&R Spoilers recap Phyllis and Diane

Phyllis walked into the coffee shop, and she goaded Diane about what she had done wrong. Diane accused Phyllis of being a vulture, but Phyllis acted hurt and noted that she had gone out of her way to honor their truce. Diane didn’t let her get away with it, though, and she called Phyllis dark and perverse before leaving.

Young and the Restless: Celebration

Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) treated Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) to a special meal at Society to “celebrate” him leaving Chancellor-Winters. Billy was concerned about what would happen when he told Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) he was quitting. Lily wondered what Billy was worried about, and he said that his mom might not appreciate him leaving before all the issues they’re facing at Chancellor-Winters are resolved.

Billy also admitted that the company was better off without him, and then he declared Lily amazing. She thanked Billy for that compliment, but she noted that she felt bittersweet about it and she was worried about Billy. He joked about the possibility of him getting in trouble. Billy waxed poetic about becoming a couch potato, but he seriously told Lily that he wouldn’t get in trouble or jump into something too quickly. He made Lily promise that she wouldn’t worry about him, and she said she’d try. Billy talked Lily into dancing.

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Y&R Lily and Billy

Ashley walked into Society, and she greeted Billy and Lily. Billy hoped Ashley wasn’t meeting Tucker, but she said she was, which he wasn’t thrilled about. Billy and Lily left while Tucker and Ashley took seats at the bar. Ashley warned Tucker he had to be open and honest with her, and she asked Tucker to give her all the details of him and Diane in L.A. She warned him to go slow and start from the beginning.

Y&R Spoilers Recap: Jealousy

Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) told Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) and Abby Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) a bit about the bad blood between him and Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). Abby hoped they could clear the air, but Devon admitted things were too far gone for that.

Chance got a text from the station to go to a crime scene, leaving Abby and Devon alone at Glam Club. Devon wasn’t thrilled when Abby let him know she planned to grill him on what was going on. They touched on Tucker’s return, and Abby admitted she wasn’t thrilled he was back. She asked about Devon’s problems with Nate, and Devon hesitated, but she insisted.

Devon explained that Nate wasn’t his chief operating officer anymore, and Abby was surprised to hear it. Of course, Devon was really bothered by Nate pointing out that Devon was squeezing the life out of the company because he was hanging onto Neil Winters (Kristoff St. John) so hard. Abby wondered if Nate had a valid point, but Devon turned it around and asked Abby if she thought so.

Devon admitted that he wasn’t comfortable with the merger. Abby wondered why he went forward with it if he wasn’t happy, and Devon admitted that Lily and Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) urged him to do it. Abby told Devon he was being too hard on himself, and Devon recognized that. She put her arm around him as she told him it took two to cause a conflict. Chance walked back in and wasn’t too happy to see his wife so cozy with Devon.

Y&R spoilers Recap Devon and Abby

He walked over and thanked Devon for keeping Abby company, and then he stole her back. Chance and Abby went to dance and Devon left. She looked worried as Devon walked out.

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Y&R Spoilers: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 

Billy crosses the line with Lily.
Adam supports Chelsea.
Devon cuts ties with Nate.

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