Y&R Recap: Victor Destroys Sally’s Plans For The Future

This was low, even for Victor Newman.

the young and the restless recap for august 17, 2023, has victor pulling a cruel move with sally.Sally Spectra was taken by surprise.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, August 17, 2023, brings Victor Newman pulling the rug out from underneath Sally.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Adam shocks Sharon and Nick by being agreeable. Nate apologizes to Victor and later tells Victoria he’s falling in love with her. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t quite sure how she feels after her talk with Billy. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: A New Name

At Crimson Lights, a grumpy Nick (Joshua Morrow) told Sharon (Sharon Case) about Adam’s blackmail scheme and the fact that Victor wouldn’t fire Adam due to financing. Sharon, however, wasn’t at all surprised, and she reminded Nick he shouldn’t be either.

Nick wasn’t mollified by Sharon’s words, though. He felt Adam would burn everything down to get what he wanted. He wasn’t pleased to be stuck working with Adam. Sharon tried to talk Nick down, and she urged him not to let Adam get under his skin.

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Nick told Sharon he wanted to change the name, Adustus. He wanted SNA Media, which stood for Sharon, Nick, and Adam. Sharon loved it.

At Society, Sally (Courtney Hope) asked Adam (Mark Grossman) to tell her what he’d wanted to talk to her about the night before. Adam revealed he had wanted to try to convince Sally to work with him when Newman Media and Adustus merged. Of course, it was a moot point now.

Adam wondered if admitting what he really wanted invited fate to intervene in a negative way since that’s what had always happened to him. Sally understood how he felt, and they bonded a bit over their late-night, overthinking brains. Ultimately, she told Adam to stop picking fights with Nick and give up on creating chaos. “What do you have to lose,” she asked. She let Adam know she’d let go of her anger towards him over losing Ava, and it meant a lot to Adam.

Young and the Restless Recap: Damage Control

Nate (Sean Dominic) visited Victor (Eric Braeden) at the ranch. He wanted to clear up the situation with Audra, so he explained himself to Victor. The Mustache told Nate he believed him and appreciated his loyalty. Victor shared the financial projections for Adustus, and he asked Nate to give his opinion on it.

Billy (Jason Thompson) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) met over breakfast at the GCAC. He wasn’t sold on boarding school, but Victoria championed it. He wondered if Victoria wanted the kids out of her way because of Nate. She accused him of wanting her to be miserable without him. He noted that Victoria deserved better than the men from her past, including him, and said Victoria could tell him if something was wrong.

Victoria told Billy the basics of what Nate did while scheming with Audra, and she admitted she didn’t quite trust him. She noted that Nate liked being ruthless, but she felt he was different when it came to her, but Billy didn’t buy it.

Later, Nate and Victoria met at Newman Enterprises. He relayed that he’d met with Victor, and it went well. She noted she and Billy had met about boarding school, and Nate surprised her with his knowledge of the positives for her kids.

Nate said he felt something had shifted between him and Victoria, and she admitted it had. He promised he’d never break her trust again. Victoria called Nate out for lying to her, and he admitted he wouldn’t have told her the truth until everything was all said and done. He said he was falling in love with Victoria. Even so, Victoria wasn’t sure how she felt about everything, and she dismissed him to work.

Y&R Recap: Punching Down

Sally went to the ranch to see Victor. She said she’d decided to accept his offer. “Sorry to hear that,” Victor replied. He informed her that he’d nixed the design division at Newman Enterprises because he decided to devote all his time to Adustus and helping his sons get along.

Sally wondered if Victor had dangled the job in front of her to punish her for being involved with both of his sons. Victor denied it, dismissing her with a “Good luck, Sally.”

Adam showed up at Crimson Lights, and Sharon and Nick updated him on recent business decisions. They’d found offices and changed the company’s name to SNA Media. Adam surprised them by liking both ideas. He announced he was tired of battling and didn’t want to ruin what they were building.

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