Billy Abbott Lashes Out At Victoria Over Boarding School

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, June 7, 2023, brings an unfavorable reaction from Billy over Victoria telling him their kids’ plans.  

billy abbott is not happy to hear victoria on the young and the restless recap for june 7, 2023.Billy Abbott is upset by what Victoria has to say.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Billy Abbott feeling sorry for himself and lashing out at Victoria when she tells him their kids want to spend all summer at camp and go to boarding school in the fall.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nate and Audra remain a team, and he asks Victoria out on a proper date. Chelsea sets a boundary with Billy. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) tells Lily the whole truth. Nick confronts Cameron as Nikki worries he’ll go too far. Victor gives Nick a warning. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Billy Abbott Has A Bad Day

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) zoned out as Billy (Jason Thompson) talked to her over coffee. She was upset about OmegaSphere’s latest numbers. Her game had the lowest user numbers. “It’s a dud,” she said. Billy tried to reassure her and offered to take her out to dinner. However, Chelsea didn’t want Billy to distract her from her worries.

He promised not to try to save her, and Chelsea admitted that she’d been talking to her therapist about the fact that Billy literally saved her. She didn’t want Billy to think he had to continue saving her because it wasn’t his job to fix her. Chelsea wanted to discuss it.

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Billy asked Chelsea if she thought he needed to play the hero, and Chelsea reluctantly admitted that she did think he had that need. They argued a bit over it, and she let Billy know that she could handle unpleasant things and thoughts. Billy said he had to meet Victoria and wondered if they could pick up their discussion later.

Over a meal at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Daniel told Lily (Christel Khalil) that he was worried about things between his mom and sister. Lily wondered what was going on, and Daniel said he didn’t want to implicate her in anything. Her phone buzzed with a meeting reminder, and Daniel suggested they meet later, and he’d tell her everything then.

Daniel walked into the coffee shop as Billy left. He sat down with Chelsea complaining about having a bad day, and she thought it was because the game was a flop. He promised her that it had nothing to do with the game. Daniel also pointed out that they were getting good impacts on social media, which surprised her.

He reminded her that the game was about more than just zombies and unicorns. Daniel said Chelsea should be proud and she reminded him he should be too. “You’re a good guy who wants to do good things,” she said.

billy abbott and lily catch up on young and the restless.
Billy Abbott and Lily catch up on Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Billy Abbott Laughs With Lily

Lily talked on the phone at Chancellor Park, and Billy walked by. They addressed their awkward double date and laughed. Billy complained a bit about his issues, and Lily was glad he was thinking about it. She said he had to find a balance, and he laughed that it was easy.

Later, Daniel met Lily at the park and hugged her. He told her that he’d met with Chelsea about the game. Ultimately, Lily wanted to know what was happening with Phyllis and Summer, and Daniel told her that his mother was hiding out in a room at the GCAC.

Young and the Restless Recap: Threats

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) greeted Victor (Eric Braeden) at Society. She complained about Cameron (Linden Ashby) poisoning Faith’s cat. She worried that Nick would take matters into his own hands…again. Victor tried to reassure his wife that everyone would be safe.

nikki tells victor she's worried on young and the restless.
Nikki tells Victor Newman she’s worried.

She insisted that Nick would lead with his fists when he found Cameron, and Victor was happy to hear it, despite Nikki’s worries.

Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked into the GCAC. He went up to Cameron’s (Linden Ashby) room, demanding he let him in. Cameron did, calling Nick “painfully predictable.” Nick called Cameron out on the cat, and the older man denied it. He said he was only there for Sharon, but Nick told Cameron that Sharon despised him.

Nick threatened Cameron, but Cameron wasn’t at all concerned. He insisted he was reformed after doing his time. Cameron egged Nick on by talking about his feelings for Sharon, and he urged Nick to hit him. Instead, Nick punched the wall next to Cameron, promising it’d be for real the next time.

nick punches the wall in cameron's room on young and the restless.
Nick Newman punches the wall next to Cameron.

Cameron suggested Nick ice his hand, and Nick told Cameron he was leaving the hotel, but Cameron refused. He said Nick would have to drag him out in a body bag. Again, Nick reiterated his threat for Cameron to be gone by the morning. “Or what?” Cameron asked. “You don’t want to find out,” Nick replied.

Nick found Nikki and Victor at Society and informed them that he’d found Cameron. He reassured his parents he didn’t touch Cameron, but Nikki worried about his knuckles, which he said happened due to punching the wall. Nikki got a call from the office and stepped away.

Victor told Nick he fired the security guard who got his uniform stolen. He got a text and said he needed to meet Nate for a drink. “So our family is dealing with a stalker, but you have time to go and socialize with an opportunist?” Nick wondered. Victor reminded his son that he was involved with an opportunist — Sally Spectra.

Nick insisted that Cameron was a threat to the family and Sally wasn’t. However, Victor said Cameron would be taken care of while Sally would be part of their lives forever. “What is your real issue with Sally? Because Dad, this goes far beyond the protective father thing.” Victor told Nick that he had better things to be involved in than Sally.

“You stop fixating on Sally Spectra, and you start paying attention to Sharon and Faith, who really need you,” Victor admonished. However, Nick said he didn’t understand his relationship with Sally and to keep it to himself. Nick left, and Nikki returned, wondering what happened. Victor let his wife know their son was spread too thin, and she worried his temper would get him into trouble.

In his room, Cameron left a message for somebody named Jimmy, asking him to do a job with his “right hook.”

Young and the Restless Recap: Billy Abbott Lashes Out

At Newman Enterprises, Audra (Zuleyka Silver) had an idea of why Victor wanted to meet with Nate (Sean Dominic). Victoria (Amelia Heinle) took offense that Audra thought she had greater insight into her dad than she did. However, Audra told Victoria that she’d been with Victor, talking them up, when they walked out together at the GCAC the other day.

victoria and nate are surprised by audra.
Audra Charles surprises Victoria and Nate.

Victoria was rudely condescending to Audra, saying she read the situation wrongly. She left, and Nate told Victoria that it was the younger woman’s way of telling them Victor saw them leaving together. He worried Victor wanted to test him as his daughter’s boyfriend, but Victoria declared that as a positive.

Victoria wanted to strategize with Nate about meeting with her father. However, he said he didn’t need to, which Victoria found sexy. They kissed, and Victoria cut it off for her personal meeting, and she left Nate in the office. With her gone, he sat down in the big chair. Audra walked in and commented he wasn’t wasting any time.

Nate warned her to be careful what she said to Victoria. However, Audra felt their boss enjoyed a sparring partner. He let her know that he’d used the information Audra gave him to impress Victoria, and she updated him on some ad buying. Their mutual aid club was working. She reminded Nate that Victor was onto Nate and Victoria, and she told him not to let Victor think they were slacking on the job. However, Nate was worried about Nick.

Victoria met Billy in the dining room at the GCAC, and she dropped the bombshell that Johnny and Katie wanted to go to camp this summer and also to boarding school in the fall. “So today is the day I find out that nobody actually needs me anymore,” he said. Billy didn’t like boarding school, but Victoria reminded him it was about their kids and not him.

Billy reluctantly said yes. However, he wondered if it had anything to do with Victoria’s relationship with Nate. She didn’t appreciate his implication she was shipping off their kids in favor of dating. Billy apologized for being a jerk, and she wondered where it came from. Billy admitted that he was taking out his problems on her. Ultimately, they wanted to do right by their kids.

Victoria wondered where it came from that nobody needed him, and she reminded Billy that their kids needed both of them, and Billy felt extra bad for being so rude.

Later, Billy encountered Chelsea back at Crimson Lights. She’d gotten a call from Connor’s teacher, worrying that Connor was shutting down. He asked Chelsea if she needed some advice or somebody to vent to, and she kissed him, thanking him for trusting her to handle it on her own.

Chelsea wondered what she could do for Billy, and he told her that their kids would be at camp all summer and boarding school next fall. He admitted that it was sad to know his kids didn’t need him in the same way, but obviously, she couldn’t fix it for him.

Victoria walked back into the office, and Nate wondered why she was on edge. She admitted that Billy had gotten under her skin with a jab about her relationship with Nate. Victoria said people don’t understand their relationship, and Nate said they weren’t wrong because it looked like they were colleagues with benefits. He asked her out on a date, and Victoria seemed surprised, but she agreed.

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