Y&R Recap For November 28: Jack Warns Ashley Over Diane War

The brother is ready to go to war with his sister over his ex.

Y&R recap for Monday, November 28, 2022

The Y&R recap for Monday, November 28, 2022, brings a proposal for a whole new world, coming clean, a warning over a brewing war, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a bit of what happened in this dramatic episode.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) revealed his lapse in judgment to Lily Winters (Christel Khalil). Later, they welcomed Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei), and he made them a big pitch. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) got shot down by Talia Morgan (Natalie Morales). Diane Jenkins appealed to Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) protective side while Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John) continued their game of cat and mouse. Now let’s dive deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Boomin’ Granny

Summer Newman Abbott (Allison Lanier) met up with her brother, Daniel, at Crimson Lights. She instantly pried into his plans, but Daniel kept things vague. He did, however, let Summer know that he had a career change in the works. She wanted details on his idea, and he said he’d been working on it, and he thought he could make it work.

Daniel and Summer Y&R Recap

Summer offered him a job at Marchetti, but he said he felt his project would be big, so he wanted to pursue it. He didn’t want to jinx things by talking about it. Then, they talked about their kids a bit, and they had a great laugh over picturing Phyllis as a sweet, innocent granny.

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Nikki and Phyllis met Talia Morgan at Glam club, and they let her know that the Diane saga had a whole new twist. They told her all about Diane’s association with Jeremy Stark (James Hyde). They tried to sell her on the story, but Talia said she wasn’t going to risk her reputation on hearsay. Talia didn’t like where the women were going with their vendetta.

Phyllis explained they were trying to stop a criminal, but Talia reminded them that the ends don’t justify the means. She said enough is enough, and she asked Nikki and Phyllis not to contact her again unless they had something solid. Nikki and Phyllis bickered about Talia leaving. Nikki reminded Phyllis that it could’ve blown up in their faces, allowing Diane to play the victim. Even so, Phyllis encouraged Nikki not to lose confidence, and she suggested that they take more drastic measures.

Nikki, Phyllis, Talia Y&R

Phyllis suggested that they contact Jeremy Stark since he’d been released from prison. Nikki didn’t want to put Diane in physical danger, but Phyllis downplayed the risks. She wanted to get in touch with Diane’s ex.

Y&R Recap: Sabotage

Lily went to Devon’s under the pretense of returning a pie plate. She insisted that he give her the real scoop about what was going on with his relationships. He reluctantly admitted that he slept with Abby. Devon gave her the detail that Amanda Sinclair (Mishael Morgan) walked in on them on the couch. Lily totally freaked out about how awful it must’ve been for Amanda.

Devon agreed with his sister, especially since he’d cheated on Amanda twice. He even admitted that Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) walked in with Amanda. Lily declared the whole thing a disaster. She hated to ask him what he and Abby were thinking, and Devon gave the song and dance about being friends with Abby, and it all just happened accidentally.

Young and the Restless Devon and Lily

Lily encouraged her brother to try to work things out with Amanda. He said that wouldn’t help, but he wasn’t sure how he felt about everything. Devon worried about how his actions would affect Dominic. Lily said that both Devon and Abby were responsible for the situation. He admitted that he felt like he’d lost his grip on how to maintain the relationships that mattered to him in his life. Lily said she knew how he felt.

Devon immediately thought Billy had pulled something, but Lily said it wasn’t anything like that. She lamented that the distance between them had grown. Now, though, Lily felt that their closeness went away when their working relationship ended, and she didn’t feel like a part of Billy’s new direction. Devon apologized, and she thanked him for not saying, “I told you so.”

Somebody knocked on the door, and Devon answered. Both he and Lily were excited to see Daniel for their meeting. They sat down, and after some chatting, they asked Daniel what his idea was. He was over the starving artist thing and was super excited to reveal that he was ready to put his talent toward a mega universe gaming platform. Devon said Chancellor-Winters didn’t have a gaming division, but Lily reminded him that ChancComm used to have one.

Daniel pitched the whole thing as potentially attracting 50 million users a day, and he believed that players who used their game would actually come out of it as better people. Lily thought it was interesting, and even Devon thought it’d be a great business venture. Daniel seemed to have a lot of the market analysis that they wanted, and Lily said to be fair, they could go with a company that already did gaming. Daniel said that it was his whole focus, and he had a personal passion project called “Finding Princess Louisa,” with the main character patterned after his daughter.

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Lily expressed her excitement, and Daniel admitted that his daughter turned him onto gaming, which gave him a new direction and a new purpose. Daniel said he was sticking around, and they all said goodbye. Devon told Lily he’d made a great pitch. Lily wondered if Daniel seemed off, but Devon didn’t see it.

Y&R Recap: She’s Crafty

Diane went to the Abbott mansion, and Jack answered the door. She thanked Jack for allowing her to be part of a family Thanksgiving. Jack chose his words carefully, letting her know that Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) and Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) appreciated her being there.

Jack and Diane Y&R

Diane said she hoped Jack didn’t hold her responsible for Ashley leaving early. He didn’t, but even so, he admitted that Ashley wouldn’t ever accept her into the family. Diane went off on Ashley et al digging up dirt on her, and she said she had to declare war to protect herself. Jack called her out on it and reminded her that she didn’t have to engage. Diane expressed that she’d have to take some action, and she revealed she’d warned them not to poke a monster like Jeremy.

Jack and Diane worked together to make a plan, and Jack insisted that they tell Kyle everything. Diane agreed, adding she was committed to the family and willing to do whatever it took to protect them. Diane said she wasn’t running away and that she’d never abandon her family again. He reminded her that somebody had to protect her too, and Jack agreed that inaction wasn’t an option. So Jack asked her to rely on him, and she agreed to that.

She warned Jack that Ashley’s nasty trio was kicking a hornet’s nest. Diane worried about a potentially terrible outcome, and she told Jack stories about how dangerous Jeremy was. Diane said she’d have to be prepared for the worst, and she told Jack that not only was the family at risk but also Jabot.

Tucker gave Ashley a token of his appreciation, but she let him know their meeting wasn’t a date. Ashley went on about how Diane showed up at Thanksgiving — the nerve of her. Ashley declared herself done, and Tucker wished her well, stating his involvement with Diane was over. He let Ashley know that she hated Diane more than he’d ever hated anybody or anything. Ashley called him out on his BS, though.

Even so, Tucker said that Ashley and her merry band of co-conspirators could handle it without him. Ashley wanted to know why Tucker wasn’t up for helping her anymore, and he said his goals have shifted — he wanted to support Devon. Tucker revealed that Chancellor-Winters was in disarray over the chief operating officers who had recently quit. Ashley still tried to convince Tucker to continue helping her, and then she warned him that he’d have to contend with her if he ever really made a play for Jabot.

Tucker expressed his surprise that Ashley wasn’t upset about Diane’s revelation that he asked for Jabot’s financials. Ashley said that Diane was lying, and Jack bought it, but she didn’t. After all, it’d be stupid of Tucker to try to take over the company after all these years. Tucker then said that he could tell Ashley was shockingly close to giving him a second chance. Ashley left, so Tucker called and left Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) a message that it was time for them to make a move.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack hugged a crying Diane, and Ashley returned, slamming the front door. Diane thanked Jack and left. Ashley called her brother out on getting played by Diane, but he turned it around on her with Tucker. Jack said that she was putting the family in danger, but Ashley said that Diane was putting him in danger. He warned his sister that if she went to war with Diane, she’d have to take him on too.

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