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Y&R Recap For December 7: Jack Threatens To Make Phyllis’s ‘Head Spin’

The two exes bitterly fight over Diane Jenkins and Jeremy Stark.

Y&R recap for Wednesday, December 7, 2022 Jack is furious with Phyllis

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, December 7, 2022, brings a bitter fight between exes, a failed seduction, a rivalry, and so much more. You won’t want to miss a bit of what happened in this episode.

Y&R Recap Highlights

Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) worried over Jeremy Stark (James Hyde), and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) vowed to protect her. Jack confronted Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) over calling Jeremy to town. Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) tried to seduce Noah Newman (Rory Gibson), and she ended her evening with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John). Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) and Daniel Romalotti (Michael Graziadei) continued their impromptu evening together, and Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) tried to talk to Lily, but she wouldn’t, while Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) tried to get Billy to back off Chelsea Lawson (Melissa Claire Egan). Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: Fiery Fight

Diane cried some more about how much it meant to her to not be alone anymore because Jack and Kyle had accepted her into their lives. Jack hugged Diane and tried to calm her down, but he got a text message and had to leave to get something to an associate overseas. Jack urged Diane to calm down, make herself at home, and rest. He vowed to deal with Phyllis, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), and Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) later.

At Jabot, Jack wrapped up business and was surprised to see Phyllis at the office so late. He wondered if all her scheming had made Phyllis get behind on work. She pointed out that Diane had acted insane earlier in the evening, and Jack defended Diane, which Phyllis took issue with. He flat-out asked Phyllis if she contacted Jeremy Stark. Phyllis tried to show him her phone, but he didn’t want that. He wanted her word.

Phyllis accused Jack of interrogating her and went off about how awful it was that Diane had turned him against her. Jack wasn’t having it, and he yelled that Jeremy Stark had come to his front door. He pointed out that Jeremy brought Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez) into the conversation, and Phyllis seemed surprised. Phyllis yelled that Diane had brought Jeremy back to Genoa City. They screamed at each other, and Jack finally said he was done with it.

Jack told Phyllis to listen to him, and he pointed out that she was employed under the Jabot umbrella only because he allowed it. Jack brought up many bad things Phyllis did over the years, and he accused Phyllis of focusing her vengeance and hatred on Diane. He vowed that Phyllis had gone too far, and he threatened her job at Marchetti. He threatened to throw Phyllis and her “stupid smirk” out of the building if he found out that Phyllis had brought Jeremy to Genoa City.

Y&R Recap Jack and Diane at the Abbott Mansion

When Jack got home, he found Diane sleeping on the couch. He saw her and touched her leg, startling her. They sat and talked as Jack reiterated that Diane was safe there. She laid her head on his shoulder and thanked him.

Y&R Recap: Old Lovers

Audra went to Tucker’s hotel room, and after some snarky back and forth, he let her know that Jeremy showed up in town. Audra astutely realized that it couldn’t be a coincidence, and she wondered if Tucker was worried about Jeremy coming for him, in addition to Diane. Tucker said he’d never spoken with Jeremy, so he had no worries. Of course, he did note that they’d had some mutual acquaintances and such.

Tucker revealed that he’d gotten the information about Jeremy from an associate so that he could hold it over Diane’s head. He also admitted that he purposefully gave Ashley the details about Jeremy in hopes that she’d lure him to town.

At the Glam Club, Noah enthusiastically greeted his Uncle Adam. Adam wasn’t as happy, though, but he informed his nephew that there wouldn’t be any drama with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). Audra showed up, and she and Noah talked. He asked Audra what he could do to help her heal, and Audra breathily admitted that she wanted him.

Noah tried to shut the whole conversation down, but Audra refused. She plowed ahead to tell Noah how she never got over him. He said no, but Audra said it was their chance to try again. Noah didn’t want to go back to chaos, but Audra said that was love. She said she could see it in his eyes that they weren’t over so she kissed Noah. He briefly kissed her back but broke away and said no. He left, and Audra followed him.

Young and the Restless Noah and Audra Kissing

Audra caught up with Noah, and she said she realized that he was with Allie Nguyen (Kelsey Wang). However, she said their kiss was electric, but Noah declared it a mistake. She didn’t believe it, but Noah said he had a good life and he was happy. He emphatically said that they had no future, and Noah asked Audra to accept it. She said she’d gotten his message and walked out.

Billy walked into Glam Club and wasn’t pleased to see Adam there. They shared some contentious back and forth, and Adam wondered if Lily had dumped him due to all the time he’d spent with Chelsea. Billy expressed that he was Chelsea’s friend, and he brought up Connor Newman (Judah Mackey) being bullied at school. Adam said they’d handled it as a family. Billy pointed out the unfortunate truth that Chelsea and Billy were connected through Johnny Abbott (Paxton Mishkind). Adam suggested that Billy take a big step back, but Billy declined.

Billy said Chelsea wouldn’t appreciate Adam trying to dictate who participated in her recovery. Adam said he wouldn’t be shut out, and Billy wondered what Adam would do, pointing out all the bad things Adam did to Chelsea in the past. Adam invited Billy to look in a mirror, and he left. Noah walked over and talked to Billy. He warned Noah that Adam was slipping back into his “dark prince” ways, and he suggested that everybody keep an eye on Adam.

Y&R Recap Audra and Tucker

Audra went back to Tucker’s hotel room, and he invited her in. He wondered how things were with Noah, and Audra wasn’t interested in talking. She took off her coat, revealing she wasn’t wearing a top, and the two started kissing.

Y&R Recap: Remebering

Earlier at Crimson Lights, Daniel surprised Lily with some dessert even though she’d turned it down at Society. Lily ordered a red velvet cupcake and a cappuccino. He couldn’t believe that Lily was going back to work at that time of night. Daniel also remembered how much she loved her dessert, so he promised to order his own.

Young and the Restless Lily and Daniel at Crimson Lights

Billy showed up, noting that he didn’t have to bring Lily a brownie home. Daniel asked him to join them, but Lily said Billy was probably tired from his latest mission of mercy. Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) showed up, and she was so happy to see Daniel. The two left to check out the latest coffee shop offerings while Lily and Billy checked in with each other.

He asked Lily to go home with him, but she said she would finish her evening with Daniel and return to work. Billy called Lily out on the conversation she had had with Chelsea. Lily said she’d handled the situation with Chelsea carefully, but Billy revealed that Chelsea felt she was a burden. Lily said that wasn’t her intention, and he wanted to talk about it at home, but she told him not to wait up. Billy left after it became obvious Lily didn’t want him there.

Y&R Recap Lily and Billy

Daniel returned to Lily’s table for a game of “truth or dare.” She picked truth, and Daniel asked if their impromptu dinner caused issues with Billy. Lily insisted that everything was fine. Sharon dropped off their cupcakes, and they continued talking as they ate.

Adam walked into Crimson Lights after his run-in with Billy, and he was “interested” to see Lily and Daniel together since Billy was alone at Glam Club. She wasn’t happy about all the snarky comments from Adam, so Lily took the high road and left. Daniel also left.

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Now that you’ve read the Y&R recap, here’s a look at what’s coming up next.

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