Y&R Recap: Ashley And Tucker Make Billy An Attractive Offer

Will Billy Abbott be won over by the idea of running Jabot?

the young and the restless recap for august 10, 2023 has tucker and ashley talking to billy.Did Ashley Abbott make an offer he can't refuse?

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday, August 10, 2023, brings an attractive offer for Billy courtesy of Ashley and Tucker.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Ashley and Jack (Peter Bergman) appear to reach a truce. Diane wonders if Billy has turned against her and Jack. She also accuses Audra of using Kyle. Audra and Adam clash while Nate surprises Nikki and Victoria. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless: A Big Offer

At Jabot, Billy (Jason Thompson) met with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker (Trevor St. John). He wondered what was in their plan for him, and they let him know that he could have Jabot, which would remain a separate entity after they snatched it up. Billy agreed to the deal, and Ashley was thrilled.

Tucker and Ashley left to meet Jack, and Billy texted his brother, telling him to be prepared for anything.

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Meanwhile, Abby (Melissa Ordway) went to the Abbott mansion and let Jack and Diane (Susan Walters) know that Ashley would meet with them. Of course, Abby pointed out that it had to be Jack, Ashley, and herself only — no Diane. Jack tried to object, but Diane agreed with Abby.

When Ashley and Tucker arrived, Abby asked Diane and Tucker to give the three of them some time alone. After some arguing, Tucker asked Diane to brunch.

Jack and Ashley argued back and forth. Abby tried to keep the peace. Ultimately, Ashley said she would be happy to be done with anything Jabot as long as Jack bought her out. Jack and Ashley hashed out what that would mean for them as siblings, and they agreed to live and let live. Ashley even agreed to have Jack and Diane at her wedding. Ashley left, as Abby worried that the whole thing was a bit too easy.

Meanwhile, Diane and Tucker showed up at Society, and Billy was there. Tucker and Billy snarked at each other, and Billy presumed they were thrown out of the sibling peace talk. Billy said that, eventually, Diane would go too far, which offended her, and she stormed out. Tucker and Billy talked about his plans, and Tucker wondered if Billy had his own agenda.

As Diane was leaving, Nikki showed up at Society, and they shared an unpleasant moment. Nikki walked up to Tucker and Billy, and they all complained about Diane together. Later, Ashley arrived and reminded Nikki to RSVP to her wedding, and Nikki expressed her surprise that Ashley and Tucker were back together.

Young and the Restless Recap: Merger Plans

At the GCAC, Adam (Mark Grossman) grilled Audra (Zuleyka Silver) about whether or not she’d presented Victor with the plan to merge Newman Media and Adustus. He felt she was putting him off, but Audra reassured him she had a two-part plan.

Of course, Audra wanted to know if her job was on the line should the merger happen, and she even wanted something in writing. Adam downplayed her worries, noting he could convince Nick and Sharon to keep her on if she delivered. He appreciated that she worked hard and was loyal, and Audra felt they could work together.

At Newman Media, Nate (Sean Dominic) joined Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle). He shocked them by pushing an Adustus merger with Newman Media. Nikki didn’t like that plan since it defied what Victor wanted, and Victoria didn’t want to give her brother a win.

Ultimately, Nate suggested that Nikki and Victoria not take it personally and instead look at the numbers. Nikki left them to discuss it, but she reiterated that she disapproved of the idea. Victoria wondered if Nate’s trust in Audra waivered, and he said it hadn’t. Instead, Nate reiterated that merging and avoiding redundancies made good business sense.

Victoria got turned on by Nate’s passion for the subject, so they made out. Later, Nate was at the GCAC. While there, Nate saw Adam, and they argued. Adam pointed out they are the same, and he urged Nate to embrace that side of himself and own it. Back at the office, Victoria let Nate know she liked the merger idea, but she had one caveat.

Y&R Recap: Concerns

At Crimson Lights, Audra saw Diane. The two talked, and Diane wanted to know Audra’s intentions with Kyle. She expressed that her son still loved Summer and belonged at Marchetti. Audra said that Kyle seemed to need a break from his life and was moving on. However, Diane accused Audra of merely using Kyle.

Diane went back home, and Jack updated her about Ashley. She was surprised to hear that Jack and his sister had reached a truce. Diane also wondered if Billy was playing his part too well, and she even suspected that Ashley may have turned Billy against them.

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