Victor Newman Loses It Over Sally’s Pregnancy

The Y&R recap for Thursday, April 20, 2023, brings Victor Newman making his dislike of Nick’s situation known.

victor newman double image on the young and the restless recap for april 20, 2023.Victor Newman had a fit on Y&R.

The Young and the Restless recap brings Victor Newman making his extreme displeasure about Nick and Sally’s relationship known.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nikki tried to calm down her husband. Sally and Adam (Mark Grossman) waited at the coffee shop for Nick as Sharon looked on. Lucy said goodbye to her dad before flying back to Portugal. Devon returned to work at Chancellor-Winters, and Esther had some beautiful things to say. Finally, Lily went to comfort Daniel, and things got intense. Now, let’s dig into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Victor Newman Is Displeased

sally worries about nick newman on the young and the restless.
Sally worries about Nick Newman.

At Sally’s hotel room, Nick (Joshua Morrow) told her he hadn’t slept well. Sally worried that Nick wasn’t pleased that she’d asked Adam to join them at the ultrasound. However, Nick reassured Sally that he was okay with Adam being there — after all, Adam was the baby’s father. Nick had to run by the office, and he promised to meet Sally at the coffeehouse.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor (Eric Braeden) walked in just as Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) finished up some work. They hugged, and he wondered why she’d left the ranch so early in the morning. Victor told Nikki that Sally (Courtney Hope) was pregnant with Adam’s baby while having an affair with Nick. He wondered if Nikki had known about it.

young and the restless victor newman watches as nikki works.
Nikki works as Victor Newman waits to talk to her on The Young and the Restless.

Nikki admitted that Summer had told her in confidence. Victor was outraged by the whole thing. She reminded her husband that she was protecting Sally’s child because pregnancy was hard enough without Victor Newman on her back. After all, the baby would be a Newman. That didn’t placate Victor, though.

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Nikki reminded her husband that they needed to let things play out on their own. Nick walked in as they talked, and Victor yelled at Nick. He wanted to know, “are you mad? Or, are you doing this to torment your brother?”

Nick tried to remain calm, but Victor continued yelling. He wanted to know if Nick realized what the whole thing looked like to people. Victor ranted and raved about Nick and Victoria for trying to keep Adam out of the family business, and now Nick was involving himself with Sally. Nick refused to let his dad blame him for Victoria’s choice about McCall Unlimited.

Victor told Nick that he was standing in Sally and Adam’s way so they couldn’t raise their child as a family. Nikki pointed out that Victor didn’t want Adam with Sally either. Nick firmly told his dad he wasn’t doing anything to Adam, and Victor yelled that the whole situation was nuts.

Nick told his parents to butt out of his and Adam’s business. However, Victor claimed he was offended by Nick’s attitude at the coffee shop when they found Adam and Sally flirting. Nick denied it, but Victor blamed Nick for throwing obstacles in Adam’s way for being part of the family. Victor yelled he was sick and tired of Nick’s lack of loyalty to him and Adam. Nick told his parents to leave Sally alone, and he left.

Nikki told Victor he had to find a way to accept it. She suggested that they approach the whole thing strategically, and she reminded Victor that if he criticized, then he’d become the common enemy. Victor said, “I don’t give a damn.” Nikki told her husband that Sally, Adam, and Nick could block his access to his grandchild.

Young and the Restless: Sally And Adam Bond

Adam walked into Crimson Lights, and Sharon (Sharon Case) told him about the baby shower for Aria, Mariah, and Tessa. He pointed out what a lucky little girl Aria was, and Adam even had some exciting baby news to share — he was going to Sally’s ultrasound. Sharon expressed her excitement for Adam.

adam newman tells sharon good news on the young and the restless.
Adam Newman and Sharon talk babies.

Sharon was impressed by how open-minded Sally, Adam, and Nick were being about the situation. Adam admitted that Nick had surprised him in a good way. No matter the circumstance, Adam pointed out that children are something to be grateful for. Plus, no baby is responsible for its circumstances. Sharon said she was proud of Adam.

She wondered if Adam still loved Sally, and he admitted he did. Despite that, though, Adam said that his feelings were separate from the baby. They gushed about the experience of raising a first child.

Sally walked into the coffee shop, and she worried about why Nick wasn’t there. Sharon took a phone call from Sharon. Adam told Sally not to worry, and that if they had to, they’d meet Nick at the appointment, but they wouldn’t stop without him.

While they waited, Adam and Sally talked about potential baby names based on teas. Adam noted that they should name their baby together, but they have plenty of time. Of course, no matter what, Newman would be part of the name, and Adam hoped the baby would breathe new life into it.

Sally brought up the potential gender, and she wanted to know if Adam had a preference. He said he didn’t, but he imagined a daughter would be as brilliant as her mother. No matter what, he or she would be welcomed with love. Sally admitted she’d panicked when she didn’t know who the baby’s dad was, but it turned out the baby was made to be loved, and Adam agreed.

Ultimately, Sally said they should go since Nick hadn’t arrived. Adam wanted to know if she was sure. As they were leaving, Nick walked in, apologizing. He said that they’d meet Adam at the appointment. They left, and Adam looked upset.

Y&R Recap: Lily And Daniel Step Over The Line

Esther (Kate Linder) welcomed Devon (Bryton James) back to work at Chancellor-Winters. She let him know how happy Mrs. C would be, and Lily (Christel Khalil) agreed. Later, Devon and Lily sat down to lay down the ground rules for working together again. They’d each run their own divisions and have final say.

Devon was happy for the professional boundaries, but he wanted Lily to talk to him like family. They promised to have each other’s back. Devon apologized for not being there to support Lily during her recent stresses, but she was just glad he was back. He said he saw that Daniel had stepped up for her, and Lily let her brother know Daniel was struggling after losing Phyllis.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant) was annoyed that her dad worried so much about her international flight. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) let her know that he appreciated her being there, and Lucy noted that she’d loved Phyllis. Lucy noticed her dad still had on the bracelet she’d given him, which she liked. The teen worried that she needed to stay longer to ensure her dad was okay.

lucy romalotti worries about daniel on young and the restless.
Lucy Romalotti worries about her dad.

Daniel admitted that he was having a tough time losing his mom, but he said Lucy couldn’t stay in Genoa City. Adjusting to life without Phyllis was difficult, but he would make it through it. Lucy admitted she’d never thought about losing her parents, and she wondered how her dad would handle it.

Again, Daniel promised Lucy he’d make it through, but Lucy reminded him that he needed more than her in his life. She suggested that he needed Lily in his life, and he wondered if Lucy was playing matchmaker. Daniel insisted they were just friends, but Lucy talked up how great he and Lily were. Lucy worried Daniel would be alone, and he promised he wouldn’t be.

She suggested that Daniel look at what was right in front of his face. Daniel wanted to get his wise daughter to the airport even though she wanted to stay another day. They held hands as they walked out the door.

Later, Daniel went back to his suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. He was restless, and Lily knocked on the door. She took a break from work and wondered if Daniel was okay. He greeted her with a hug.

Daniel talked about how alone he felt after Lucy and Danny had left. However, he had to find a way through it, and Lily admitted that Lucy had texted Lily, which embarrassed Daniel. He didn’t think Lucy should have to look after her, but Lily insisted that it was love. Lily told Daniel he wasn’t alone and she kissed him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Devon asked Esther if she wanted anything for lunch, but she brought hers. However, Esther told Devon about how Katherine learning he was her grandson, rocked her world. They talked about how Kay had learned sign language to talk with him, and Esther pointed out that’s what families do. She was thrilled that he and Lily worked things out, and she told him Neil and Mrs. C were looking down, smiling.

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