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Victoria Newman Proves She’s Victor Newman’s Daughter

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, February 8, 2023, brings some major mogul moves from Victoria Newman with Victor’s blessing.

young and the restless recap has victoria newman looking pleased at the officeVictoria Newman hits it out of the park at work.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings Victoria Newman proving once again that she is Victor Newman’s daughter, and he couldn’t be happier.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition to Victoria’s big moves, Nate (Sean Dominic) impressed Victor (Eric Braeden) too, and ultimately Michael got on board with their scheme. Audra tried to get Tucker to reveal some details of his debt, but he smelled a rat. Chance and Daniel realized they had life rebuilding in common, and Sally and Chloe ended up impressing Jill after Nick got them another chance with her. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Victoria Newman Gets Victor’s Blessing

At Newman Media, they talked about taking over McCall Unlimited. Nate (Sean Dominic) revealed that Audra (Zuleyka Silver) was Tucker’s (Trevor St. John) mole at Chancellor-Winters, and he suggested maybe she’d also work to help them. Of course, Michael (Christian Le Blanc) wondered if a double agent like Audra could be trusted. Nate vouched for her, but Michael wasn’t convinced.

Nate found it difficult to believe that Tucker would leave himself that vulnerable, and Michael admitted that they’d have to convince him to sell to them. However, Nate wondered if Tucker had set a trap for them, but Victor (Eric Braeden) didn’t see any downside. Even so, Victor liked how Nate’s mind worked, and he suggested that Audra find out how Tucker would react to Newman Enterprises acquiring his debt.

michael, nate, and victoria at newman enterprises y&r spoilers photos
Michael questions Nate and Victoria’s plans to trust Audra.

Nate had to leave, and Victor thanked him for his input. Victoria walked out to thank him for staying and sharing his thoughts. Again, Nate found it refreshing to work there. He promised to be cautious with Audra to ensure her loyalty. Back in Victoria’s office, Michael commented on how much trust Victoria put in Nate. Victoria came back in, and she and Victor were full speed ahead. They even talked Michael into supporting it — Victoria was Victor’s girl, all right!

At The Grand Phoenix, Audra and Tucker had drinks in the lounge, and he asked about Daneil’s gaming platform. He tried to act like it was casual interest, but Audra knew better. He asked Audra to let him know Newman Media’s intentions, and she said she might share information with him, but Audra wanted to know the truth about how much debt he was in.

Tucker called the whole thing a rumor, and he suggested that one of his foes had started it to damage his reputation. Audra thought it was remarkable how many enemies — or worthy adversaries — Tucker had made since his return to Genoa City. She thought his company was floundering, though, and that Tucker was bluffing. They both decided to pass on making a deal to share information, which Audra took as a near admission that he was in debt.

As Audra left, Tucker got a text reply from Ashley. She told him not to come to Paris. Audra wanted to know what was wrong, but Tucker noted it wasn’t her business, and she agreed. She went back to Nate’s office, and he cut to the chase. Audra told Nate all about what had happened with Tucker, and she admitted that he didn’t confirm the debt rumors.

nate and audra at newman media y&r spoilers photos
Nate reveals Newman Enterprises’ plans to Audra.

Audra admitted she was through with Tucker, but Nate asked her to rethink that idea because they needed her connection to him. She was surprised because she thought Nate would want her to prove her loyalty. He revealed the plans to her, and she said she could get Tucker to trust her again.

Young and the Restless: Bonding

Chance (Conner Floyd) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei) ran into each other at Crimson Lights. They chatted about Chance’s life and Daniel’s desire to win back Lucy and Heather, and he revealed he planned to work with Chancellor-Winters on a gaming platform, which Chance thought seemed cool.

Although he insinuated that a gaming platform wasn’t as noble as what Chance does for a living, Daniel explained he hoped it would inspire people to be their best selves. However, Chance let Daniel know he was disillusioned with things. Daniel mentioned months of coding ahead of him, and Chance said he’d learned to code in the military. It appealed to Chance because coding had one right way to do it with no shades of gray — a refreshing prospect.

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chance and daniel in crimson lights y&r spoilers photos
Chance and Daniel compare life notes at Crimson Lights.

The ironic thing for Daniel is that coding made him frustrated by not being able to be so creative. Talk turned to Daniel working with Phyllis…and all that went with that. Chance said his grandmother, Jill, was also involved in Chancellor-Winters. Daniel worried that if things didn’t work out with Chancellor-Winters, the others in town would just try to use him.

They wrapped up their conversation, and Daniel said how nice it was to chat with somebody else who was rebuilding his life. Chance said they had their own little support group.

Y&R Recap: Sally Spectra Moves Forward

Sally (Courtney Hope) couldn’t believe that a short little test would potentially change their lives forever. Nick (Joshua Morrow) reminded her that it would take a few days to get the results, and he talked about getting her some food and rest. She couldn’t believe Nick stayed so calm in the midst of something so overwhelming. Even so, he let her know that he was there for the duration — Sally had nothing to worry about regarding Nick.

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As Sally continued freaking out, she realized that her baby could be Summer’s little brother or sister — unless Adam was the father. Ultimately, Sally couldn’t hide her pregnancy, and she continued to worry that maybe she should tell Adam she was pregnant. Nick continued to tell Sally she never had to tell Adam if things went the way they should.

In an attempt to distract Sally, Nick offered to get in touch with Jill to let her and Chloe give their pitch. Although it was a sweet idea, Sally declined, but Nick let her know Victor was behind her meeting’s cancellation. Sally was furious to learn the truth! As she ranted, Sally realized that Victor torpedoed her to Jill because he didn’t think she was good enough for either of his sons. How insulting for both Nick and Adam!

Sally declared Victor wouldn’t rob her of her dream, and she told Nick to call Jill. Nick wasted little time getting on a video chat with Jill, and he interceded on behalf of Sally. Jill stopped him, explaining that Victor had sent the dossier on Sally three inches thick. Nick let Jill know about his relationship with Sally, and he explained that Victor played Jill, which she hated.

Nick expressed that he wholeheartedly supported Sally — not just as a girlfriend. Again, he asked Jill to give Sally and Chloe a shot. Later, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) showed up, and Sally let her know that Jill wanted to hear their pitch then. They sat down in Sally’s suite and explained their plans for Chancellor-Winters’s hotel expansion and design unique and functional looks for them. Jill liked what she heard, and she applauded Sally for turning her life around.

After Chloe left, Sally and Nick fully complimented each other on how great the other was. Nick found Sally amazing, and he revealed how proud he was of his hot, radiant girlfriend.

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