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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Complicated Chloe Mitchell

The Young and the Restless ChloeThe Young and the Restless Chloe

Chloe Mitchell – be she villain, heroine, friend, or foe? Whatever the answer, the only certainty is that this feisty fashionista has been keeping her fellow The Young and the Restless characters on their toes since her very first appearance.

Who Is Chloe Mitchell?

Katherine Tina Valentine entered the world during a tremendous storm and was named in honor of Katherine Chancellor – her mother’s employer and the woman who helped Esther deliver the baby on the Chancellor estate’s main staircase!

Try as she might, Esther just couldn’t interest “Kate’s” father in the rearing of his child – nor could she snag a marriage proposal. In time, Esther agreed to Katherine’s offer to send Kate to boarding school and it was during her time away that Kate legally changed her name to Chloe Mitchell.

Boys, Boys, Boys

Upon winning Jabot Cosmetics’ Fresh Face competition, Lily Winters quickly realized that she was going to need some help navigating her new career in the fashion business. Enter professional model handler, Chloe.

Chloe was moved into the home that Lily shared with her adopted brother Devon but between her excessive luggage and penchant for making passes at both Devon and Lily’s lover, Cane Ashby, she quickly overstayed her welcome.

Then, when she discovered that she was pregnant – the result of a one night stand with Billy Abbott – Chloe set about manipulating Cane into believing that he was the father.

In short order, Chloe became Mrs. Ashby and had her identity as Esther’s daughter outed. Just prior to the birth of Cordelia “Delia” Katherine Valentine, the baby’s true paternity was revealed.

Cane made moves to sue for custody of the little girl but was talked out of it. Chloe eventually succeeded in getting Billy to marry her, but the union proved short-lived and she turned instead to both Chance Chancellor (who cheated on her with Heather Stevens) and Ronan Malloy.

Love – It’s Complicated

Chloe involved herself with Kevin Fisher at a time when she was determined to learn whether or not Chance was being faithful to her. As the weeks wore on, Chloe and Kevin grew closer and he steadied her through Delia’s struggle with leukemia.

They began to date, but the road ahead was rocky. Chloe found it difficult to completely break away from Chance while Kevin found himself the target of unwanted ardor from both Jana Hawkes (his ex-wife) and Angelina Veneziano (whom he was forced to marry).

Though they eventually married, Kevin and Chloe endured further hardships. First, their start-up company, TagNGrab, floundered. Then they turned to a life of crime in order to pay their bills.

Dark Days

The Fisher marriage crumbled, but they were in the process of reconnecting when tragedy struck – Delia was hit by a car and mortally wounded. A distraught Chloe agreed to the donation of her daughter’s corneas… then became obsessed with Connor Newman, the tissue’s recipient.

Chloe’s mania increased to the point that she stole a sperm sample belonging to Billy, believing that having another child would fill the void left by Delia’s passing.

In the subsequent years, Chloe discovered that Adam had been the driver who ran Delia over – and she would attempt to exact bloody vengeance on a number of occasions and all manner of ways.

Chloe Mitchell Fisher – Brighter Days

For a time, Chloe’s incessant quest for Adam’s death necessitated in her going into hiding – while all of Genoa City (save for Kevin) believed her to be dead.

In the interim between her “death” and “resurrection,” Chloe and Kevin reestablished their bond and added a daughter – Bella – to their family.

Now firmly ensconced at the Chancellor mansion (and surrounded by their friends and family), the duo is expecting their second child, which they have been assured will be a bouncing baby boy. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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