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Tucker McCall Gives Up On Everything and Everyone

The Y&R recap for Wednesday, April 19, 2023, brings a shocking decision from Tucker McCall.

tucker mccall is giving up on the young and the restless recap for april 19, 2023.Tucker McCall realizes he can't win.

The Young and the Restless recap brings a significant change for Tucker McCall when he decides to give up on everything he wants.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Elena confronts Nate about his relationship with Victoria, and he tells his boss that he’s not going to continue their personal entanglement. Audra moves forward with tracking down J.T. as Victor and Ashley catch up with Abby (Melissa Ordway). Also, Sharon enlists Abby’s help in planning a big surprise baby shower for Mariah and Tessa. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless Recap: Tucker McCall Gives Up Hope

Tucker (Trevor St. John) welcomed Ashley (Eileen Davidson) to his hotel room. She was surprised to see he had champagne in his room so early in the day. She assumed Tucker had good news for her about Devon buying McCall Unlimited.

Tucker admitted that Devon chose to go back to Chancellor-Winters, and Ashley was disappointed. She wondered why they were drinking champagne, and he admitted he hoped they’d toast to themselves. Tucker admitted that Devon’s rejection hurt him. Despite the rejection, Tucker took some credit for Devon’s current happiness, but Ashley wasn’t quite convinced.

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She told Tucker he hadn’t kept up his end of their bargain. Tucker pleaded with her to accept that he’d failed. However, Tucker said he had to respect Devon’s decision because he’d made the best choice for him and Lily. Ashley didn’t know what to say, and Tucker yelled at her not to retreat. He begged her to really get engaged to him.

Ashley cried that she couldn’t because of their past. She let him have it for the ways he’d deceived her. Ashley also let Tucker know that she knew something was going on between him and Audra. Tucker said he’d tried every possible way to let Ashley know his love was real, but he realized it wasn’t good enough for her.

ashley isn't pleased that tucker mccall failed to get devon to buy his company.
Ashley isn’t pleased with Tucker McCall on The Young and the Restless.

Ashely apologized, but she reminded Tucker she’d never made him any promises. He agreed that she hadn’t, and Tucker declared he’d been a fool when it came to Ashley. He ranted and raved about how much Ashley enjoyed watching him tie himself in knots.

Tucker decided he was done. He said he was going to sell McCall Unlimited and leave Genoa City. Ashley was too cold, and he blamed her for pushing him over the edge. She thanked him for the drink and left.

Later, Ashely went to Society, and Abby saw her. Ashley wanted some mother/daughter time, and they walked inside. Victor (Eric Braeden) was there, and he invited them to sit. They discussed Abby moving in with Devon and how well it went.

After Victor left, Ashley told Abby that she’d wanted Devon to buy McCall, and Abby said she agreed with the choice Devon made. Ashley let her daughter know it wasn’t an issue.

Young and the Restless: Nate Takes A Stand

elena has had it with nate's relationship with victoria.
Elena Dawson isn’t buying Nate’s explanations.

At Society, Nate (Sean Dominic) let Elena (Brytni Sarpy) know that he was taking a day off. Instead of being happy, she confronted him about what Nick had been talking about the evening before. Nate blamed their lack of talking on an emergency Elena had to deal with.

Ultimately, Nate told Elena that Nick wasn’t happy Victoria had hired him after he sold out his family. She was surprised things had been so frank between them, and Nate said he’d tried to earn Nick’s trust, but he couldn’t. Elena wondered what had happened, and Nate blamed it on Phyllis’s death. Nate also blamed his access to Victoria for upsetting Nick.

Elena admitted that she had concerns about Nate’s relationship with Victoria, and Nick confronting Nate didn’t make her feel better. Nate said he loved his job but insisted he wasn’t obsessed with power. He admitted that the lines between his work and personal life could get blurred, and he should’ve set some limits. However, Nate told Elena that she was his priority.

In her office, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) remembered making out with Nate, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) knocked on her door, wondering if it was a bad time. Victoria updated Audra that she and Nate had greenlighted a new deal, and Audra seemed surprised.

The two women traded thinly veiled barbs, and Audra hoped she hadn’t offended Victoria. She told Victoria she was a team player, and Victoria said she respected ambition and loyalty. Audra pointed out how hard Nate was working to satisfy Victoria. Nate walked in, and he’d decided to take care of a few things even though he was off work.

Audra noted she couldn’t track Nate down the night before, and he said he’d been busy doing other work. She left, and Victoria wondered why Nate had come in despite taking off. She wanted to know if Nate had taken the day off because of what had happened. Nate said they’d made a mistake, but Victoria said she didn’t think so.

He said he didn’t want to be a cheater. Nate let Victoria know she was incredible, and he wasn’t denying their connection. He insisted that it was about right and wrong. In fact, Nate said that Nick had tracked him down the night before, making accusations.

Nate suggested they forget anything had ever happened, and Victoria didn’t think that was possible. She said their feelings wouldn’t go away if they ignored them, but Nate disagreed. “It ends here. It has to,” he said. Victoria predicted Nate would eventually change his mind, but he said he wouldn’t. He suggested that they get back to business.

tucker mccall wasn't happy to see audra in his hotel room.
Tucker McCall wasn’t pleased to see Audra on The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless Recap: Tucker McCall Isn’t Happy

Audra went to Tucker’s hotel suite. He wasn’t pleased to see her, and she informed him that she didn’t need his help to find J.T. Hellstrom. Audra suspected that Tucker’s latest attempt to woo Ashley was unsuccessful. Tucker showed Audra the door.

Victor showed up at Tucker’s room. Tucker told Victor that he wanted to sell McCall Unlimited so he could leave Genoa City. Victor wondered if he paid enough if Tucker would leave town forever. They shook on it.

Y&R Recap: Sharon Plans A Surprise

At Crimson Lights, Sharon (Sharon Case) was surprised to see Mariah (Camryn Grimes). It seemed Mariah was on her way home from work and stopped by for some coffee and treats. Mariah had gone to work despite being on parental leave because of Diane’s arrest.

Abby walked in, excited about the new baby. Mariah asked for an update about Abby’s divorce, and Abby let her know that she’d moved in with Devon. That surprised Mariah. Abby noted that Sharon wasn’t surprised, and Sharon admitted Chance had told her. Mariah worried that Abby moving in with Devon seemed fast, but Abby said it felt right.

mariah copeland tells sharon and abby all about aria.
Mariah Copeland tells Sharon and Abby all about her little girl.

Mariah showed off pictures of Aria, and Sharon and Abby gushed over the little girl. Suddenly, Mariah realized she’d become one of those people who wouldn’t stop going on about their kid. Mariah got a call, and Sharon wanted to talk to Abby. She assumed it was about Chance, but Sharon wanted to discuss a celebration for Mariah, Tessa, and Aria.

Elena walked in as Sharon and Mariah were saying goodbye. Sharon told Elena they were throwing a surprise baby shower for Mariah and Tessa. She realized that Elena seemed down, but the doctor said she was fine.

On the patio, Audra asked to join Elena. The doctor wondered if Audra had seen Nick, and she wanted to know what Nick and Nate’s intense conversation had been about. She said she believed Nate, but Elena admitted that she had concerns about his relationship with Victoria.

Audra told them that things were intense between Nate and Victoria. She suggested that Elena track down J.T. to move Victoria’s focus elsewhere. Audra offered to take over the search, and Elena agreed, thanking her. After Elena left, Audra made a phone call to ask somebody for a favor tracking down J.T.

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