Sally Spectra And Nick Spill Pregnancy News To Sharon And Victoria

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, February 14, 2023, brings the spreading of big pregnancy news.

sally spectra spills her pregnancy news to sharon on the young and the restlessSally tells Sharon she's pregnant!

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings both Sally Spectra and Nick Newman deciding separately to spill her pregnancy news to Sharon and Victoria.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Daniel and Lily (Christel Khalil) remember their past before he arrives back at his hotel to find Heather. Plus, Victor gifts Nikki a beautiful token of his love for her on Valentine’s Day. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper into what happened.

Young and the Restless Recap: Sally Spectra Spills The Beans

Sally (Courtney Hope) showed up at a Valentine’s Day-bedecked Crimson Lights. She spied Sharon (Sharon Case) and Nick (Joshua Morrow) looking at photos of what Faith and Moses got each other for the holiday. It was only just last year the kids were coming to them for romantic gift ideas.

Nick got a text from Victoria (Amelia Heinle), so he left to meet his sister at Society. Sally walked in, and Sharon let her know that she’d just barely missed Nick, but Sally said she didn’t want her to go catch him. She told Sharon she wanted to keep her relationship with Nick from becoming all-consuming.

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Sally wanted some hot tea to calm her nerves, and Sharon wondered why her nerves needed calming. The younger woman explained about her new business with Chloe, and she told Sharon how Nick had helped out. Sally let Sharon know things were good with Nick, and Sharon was glad to hear it.

Not surprisingly, Sharon realized that Sally had something else on her mind, and Sally asked her why things didn’t last with Nick. She apologized for asking, but Sharon didn’t mind talking about it. Sharon admitted that she and Nick were each other’s first true loves. She talked about their teenage romance and struggles — they were forced to grow up a lot together, which is why they had such a close bond now.

y&r recap sally spectra confides in sharon.
Sally Spectra confides in Sharon.

Sally noted that Nick and Sharon had reunited many times over the years, and Sharon said they were in different places now. Sharon said she’s ready for a journey of self-discovery since she battled cancer. Of course, Nick was a part of her support team. Sharon wondered what Sally really wanted to know, though. She worried that Sally was facing a medical problem, but Sally admitted that she wasn’t sick — she is pregnant…and terrified.

Sharon reassured Sally that it was totally normal to be worried, but Sally said she didn’t have a good role model. Plus, she worried that Nick would feel trapped, but Sharon said Nick was an excellent father. Of course, she also realized, due to the way Sally was acting, that Adam could also be the father. Sally tried to leave, but Sharon promised she wasn’t judging, and she said she’d keep Sally’s secret.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nick Newman Spills

At a romantically decorated Society, Victoria let Nick know that she was concerned about Victor’s determination to bring Adam back into the family fold. She let her brother know that he wanted Adam to run McCall Unlimited. Nick wasn’t surprised, and he didn’t seem to care much. After all, it’d give their brother something to do besides bother them.

nick newman confides in victoria
Nick confides in Victoria.

Of course, Victoria also wondered if Nick wanted Adam preoccupied so he wouldn’t be after Sally. He tried to leave, but Victoria’s Valentine’s Day gift to Nick was the gift of privacy about his love life — after all, who was she to speak out after her entanglement with Ashland.

Nick appreciated his sister’s support, and she said he could come to her if he needed help with anything. As she spoke, Nick admitted that Sally is pregnant. She was surprised to hear Nick was going to be a father…again. That’s when he revealed…or an uncle. Because Sally and Adam had slept together, but she wasn’t cheating on either of them at the time. Nick said he’d let it go because it was the end of her relationship with Adam (Mark Grossman).

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Nick admitted that he couldn’t stand the idea of the baby being Adam’s, though, because it was like Sage and Christian all over again. Victoria asked how her brother really felt about Sally. Nick opened up that Sally made him smile all day long. He said how refreshing and different things are with her.

Nick feels deeply for Sally, and Victoria wondered if it would stay the same if Adam was the baby’s father. Nick wasn’t sure how things would play out, and Victoria promised to keep the secret to herself for the time being.

Young and the Restless: Past Love

Lily walked up on Daniel (Michael Graziadei), sitting on a bench in the cold. They chatted, and she wished him a happy Valentine’s Day. Daniel let Lily know that her earlier pep talk helped him a little because he was able to look at the situation without anger toward his mother.

y&r recap lily and daniel hug
Lily and Daniel hug.

His wounded heart was causing Daniel problems in putting together the pieces that he needed to make things right with Heather (Vail Bloom) and Lucy. Lily advised Daniel to take a step back because he was too lost in his emotions. She reminded him that in the past, things had seemed hopeless, but he figured it out. They both flashed back to their younger years when they ran away together.

More flashbacks throughout the years highlighted how Lily and Daniel supported each other. Lily let him know that he shaped who she is, and they hugged, leaving the park together.

Daniel walked through The Grand Phoenix alone, and he was sad when he saw all the couples celebrating Valentine’s Day together. He opened the door and was shocked to see Heather waiting on his couch.

Young and the Restless Recap: A Lovely Life

At the ranch, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) walked into the living room to update Victor (Eric Braeden) on everything about the Genoa City Bicentennial celebration. Everybody would want an invitation to the social event of the season. However, Victor was lost in thought, and Nikki noticed.

He complained that Victoria doesn’t understand his vision for the family and Adam. All he wanted was for his family to get along, and he was upset about how at odds his children are all the time. Nikki said that Victoria was worried about all the drama Adam liked to cause, though.

She reminded her husband of how protective Victoria is of his legacy, and she noted that she didn’t see Adam putting the family business above his grievances anytime soon. Their talk turned to their love, and Nikki showed Victor a beautiful card he’d given her early on. They reminisced about their romance, which stayed strong, despite them both straying occasionally throughout the years. Ultimately, Victor gifted Nikki a beautiful necklace to celebrate their love.

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